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Love is Gone - Poetry Group

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He whispers a bruise on your arm
And as it grows more
He goes off yelling curses
While you cry on the floor

He says it's your fault
That you made him do it
Though all you asked was for some help
But now he can not do it

To him his few deeds last a life time
Your own are like the mayflies
They fly so well yet die so young
Now you spend eternities trying to love him

Nothing is good enough
You do all you can
To make sure he is loved and cared for
While playing with your bane

To her daddy is a stranger
For he's always out of sight
He plays on his sickness
While you play with your bane

She cries when he leaves the room
And you beg him to stay
But he would rather be in bed
While your body aches

The chores never end
The sleeps not enough
Your family are scared
They say look you rough

The love is gone
Yet you keep holding on
But you'll break your fingers
While the world just stares

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