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For My love - Your WRITES

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For My love
By Renee’

I LOVE you
For you are beautiful
You are all nature
And that is beautiful
You are a variety of things
And all of these things in one
Are you

I would sit at night in clouds of tears
Seeking all light and laughter in the mornings fear
No petty customs, nor appearances
But to think what others only dreamed about
To say what others did but think
And do
What others dared not do
You do for me
And your love is so pure
In my soul and in my heart I am with you
a love of such perfect innocence
With a halo of delight
It was this gentleness that won me
You hold me tight within your breast
This sweet thought to my mind is but a holiday
You tell me all the time
I am yours
In the communion of love
We shall grow for each other
For we love one another
You are
So mild and generous as the air in spring
And I
Like the earth
Am all budding out
With love for you
Thank you my love

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