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PMS and lesbians - Lesbian Ladies

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PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) we all know how it makes us feel.
Moody, irritable, and difficult to talk reason with are synonymous with PMS.
Some girls get horny before or after and even while having their period.
So let's hear how does it effect you.
Do you get bad cramps and have you found anything that helps make things easier.
Girls let's talk PMS.


it changes for me, each one is different from the last. Sometimes the cramps are horrible, sometimes I don't even get cramps. There are times when i'm beyond moody and have to distance myself from people all together and times when it doesn't affect my moods. Most of the time I'm completely worn out and just sitting down would be enough for me to fall asleep. The worst part is my hunger though. No matter what, every period I crave candy and i mean by the truck load. It's really hard to go to the store and NOT grab a piece of candy. I've found that cotton candy ice cream helps me relax even when I have really bad cramps, and it satisfies my hunger for all things sweet.


I get cravings!!! All I want to do is just eat! I have cramps for only one day, I get depressed and emotional and easily irritated. I ask myself questions like, "But why do I exist?" lol


Well nisha and julia i am so glad i am not alone in these feelings and now you know why at least every month at a certain time i am not available.
The worst problem is the slightest word online is enough to cause rage,and as far as. "Horny"goes any guy trying to have fun,would end up regretting his attempt. Remember girls other friends on here and facebook have no understanding of hormones the can run riot,up to now only Debbie knew as i was asking for her advice because my doctor is useless, and has to contact gender clinic in london for advice on estrogen hormone levels and medication.


i dont really get pms because i actually get the needle so no period for me but i do have a mood disorder so i understand that its hard but i dont have much to say
cheers mel


I cry a lot and blow upp as a f***ing balloon. My tits grow which feels really strange when I don't see them as really necessary. I don't wan't to give birth and/or breastfeed so maybe I'll pull an Angelina Jolie. I have breast cancer in my family, so maybe it's a good idea... (I got a little sidetracked from PMS there, didn't I?)

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