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Homophobia VS Anti-Gay - Gay Guys! <3

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Hello everybody,

If you have read anytime of LGBT literature lately for when they speak about violence against people who are LGBT, they are now using the term “homophobia”. My question to everybody is if you think that’s the right thing to do? To say that it’s homophobic people that are using violence against LGBT? The reason why I bring this up is because the people who are writing these articles no long use the tem “anti-gay”. With me personally I think that is manipulative and wrong. I will simply explain from where I am coming from.

[foh-bee-uh] Show IPA
a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situationthat leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.


[an-tahy, an-tee] Show IPA
noun, plural an·tis.
a person who is opposed to a particular practice, party, policy,action, etc.


So homophobia is actually one who has fear and doesn’t want to be around homosexuals is what it actually means!

Also anti-gay simply means that you are not with or against gays right…

So which do you think would be a more appropriate term for violence against the LGBT? I would say anti-gay if you ask me. Not homophobia!

Another thing that I want to bring to everybody’s attention is LGBT is not just homosexuals! That IS what “homo” is short for right? “homo” is only covering on gays and lesbians ; ones who only are attracted to the same sex right.

So here’s is another change I would like everybody to consider. Instead of using “homophobia”; which only mean phobia of gays and lesbians. Why not use LGBT- phobia? Yes I know what you are probably thinking.

• Homophobia is just a whole lot easier to use.
• Homophobia actually covers down on LGBT; even though homo is short for homosexuals
• How often do you hear about bisexuals being a victim of violence?
• There’s no such thing as bisexual anyway. Bi now; gay later.
• Transgenders actually fall under homosexual so what are you talking about?

You may or may not have these things running through your head but I’m just putting it out there.

Another change to consider. How about changing the term “anti-gay” to anti- LGBT? Same reason listed above.

Now if you agree with what I have to say. All you need to do is use your voice and help not allow terms like these to be misused.

So what is everybody’s input on this?


Sorry dude but how do figured there's no real bi I have many friends that are bisexual and they been that way for years with no change so please explain to me how you came to that logic


Jay, I am just going off for what I have heard in the pass. I am bi myself to tell you the truth!


Most anti-gay actions of any kind are rooted somewhere in fear. If Homophobia leads to violence, then it is Homophobic violence.
The word homophobia's LITERAL meaning is "fear of sameness" essentially, but it's come to mean a lot more than it's literal meaning.
I'm not qualified to list even a small fraction of them, so I won't try.


Oh so many thing to say but so little time!!!
IMO I believe women are bisexual--I don't believe men are--now just because a man goes to bed with a woman and has two children with her doesn't mean he is bi-- most men I have known who were/are married identify themselves as being gay because that is how they 'think'. And, David, you say you are bi--seriously what made you come to that conclusion? When was the last time you had 'meaningful' sex with a woman? A relationship with one? When was the last time you had sex with a man? And are you looking for a relationship with a man or woman? Having been out and Gay for over 60 years I have never met a 'true' male bisexual and it is a topic that I have done a lot of reading on--also most married men I have met (and, please, remember this is MY experience!) are bottoms. And I have 500 more questions!!! LOL
Just for a little humor--I recently heard (on a TV sit com?) "His being bi-sexual just means he is rejected by both sexes!"
IMO "Also anti-gay simply means that you are not with or against gays right" i feel this statement is completely wrong--I personally have never known or read anywhere that a person being anti-gay is with/for gay rights. Maybe I just hang with the wrong people :O)
Words like homophobic are twisted by religious people who will tell you they are so if we are voting I would say they are gay bashers which is done by nongay, gay, bi, whatever you want to label them, men (and, occasionally, a woman.)
Whew! Have a lot more to say but just want to say life, to me, was a lot easier when everyone was Gay--not LBTQIT, etc. :O)



I don't think you do any reading whatsoever in LGBT literature because you would not being saying that at all. For your information I am not gay! ANd why do you have a problem with me being bi anyway? Let me turn the table around. What made you come to the conclusion that you are gay? And you think you are humorous with those jokes. To me you are no different then a gunhoe bible going christian that hides behind his christianity for an excuse to say that being gay is wrong. For the 60 years on earth that you have lived as a homosexual and you still think like a narrow minded stereotypical redneck that has never seen life before. That's ashame too.

As my father has tought me growing up. When you are young you are stupid to life. But once you grow older, you get wiser by learning from your mistakes in your younth years and gain lots of knowledge. If you have not learned anything and still make the same choices without considering your mistakes, you just grow to be an old fool. To me to just seem like an old fool based from what comes out of your mouth. Also you are not a good mentor in the LGBT communities either. I mention that because as old as what you are, LGBT people may look at as a mentor. In actually I see nothing about the that's a positive guide to anybody.


Okay David--as I said it was all MY OPINION--sorry it riled you up--I won't respond anymore


Marting you just seem so narrow minded for one who's an activitst is all.


All I have to say is I've been bisexual since 1st grade and I've been fully gay since 5/20/12 and I haven't changed for anybody and i don't plan to now!!!!!


Everybody! You are missing the point here! It's not about yoursexuality at all! Did anybody read this forum completely?


This topic is one of the sensitive issues that we impose differing views, and each of us has his opinion and arguments in support of that I think it is best suited to do what Seen best, and to do the thing that relieves you


Mon., May 20th,13 22:35 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Group,
I Live in Canada so I Look at it Differently. We Can Agree to Disagree, Hope Its OK.
In Canada Its ILEGAL to Discriminate Based on "Sexual Orientation" We Also Have so Called "Marriage Equality" - Same Sex Marriage etc. Its My View - Could B Wrong Here that Violence Against Gays, Bi, Lesbians is a LOT Lower in Canada Then in the States.
When I See so Called Religious People, High Profile Politicians, Other High Profile Buisness People and Others - You Name It, Publically Slamming Gays. Lesbians etc and Its OK, Because No One Says Anything or Very Little is Said. I Come Away With the Impressions Its "Open Season" on Gays, Hispanics, Muslims or Who Ever Others Don't Like. I'm Quite Sure if There Were Laws on the Books in the States Banning Discrimination/Violence Against Gays & Others Things/Attitudes Would B VERY VERY Different.
Can't see a Republcan Govm,t Introducing Laws Banning Discrimination.
The Only One Who Can Do Is OBAMA. He is Black so He Must Know Full Well What Discrimination is All About because He Must Have Experienced It When He was a Lot Younger at Some Point in Time. My View Only
Only When the Govmnt Has the Guts to Enact Laws Will the Attitudes Change if They Change at All.


This discussion is very interesting to me...and perhaps something we can use for our Gays.com blog.

May I offer up a different definition:

opposed or hostile to homosexuals or to homosexual social reforms and institutions, etc.

unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality.

I think, and please give your opinions, that there are some people who have gay friends, but will vote against our rights! Are they homophobic, or anti-gay? I say both! I think the use of these two words are interchangeable.

Agreed that fear is the root of people being against LGBT rights! I don't like men for sexual or romantic partners, but you don't see me marching in the street against heterosexual marriage! Just because I don't want one...so I don't have heterophobia! (phew!) neither am I anti-heterosexual. I don't fear them!

However, maybe homophobia isn't the right word, because I don't think in general that a homophobic person is fearing gays, I just think they are prejudiced!

Preconceived opinion not based on reason or experience.

Of course, LGBTphobia doesn't roll off the tongue as easily as homophobia...what do you all think?


@Andrew---"The Only One Who Can Do Is OBAMA"--most laws are made by Congress and the Supreme Court in the USA--the President has very little say when it comes to actually implementing laws--and even if he did what kind of laws should he pass?


@Tara" that there are some people who have gay friends, but will vote against our rights! " Anyone who would vote against equal rights for gays wouldn't be MY friend--I've worked too hard as an activist to allow that. :O)


Martin, Incorrect! Obama does not write definitions of terms used. We formed this country before we had any present! If We The People" believe in something, "We The People" can make it happen. Not the president!


Our Great President is not the doer that he claimed to be in his book The audacity of Hope, and he does not serve minority groups simply because he is black. Additionally, even when he tries to do something good for the country, you have to keep in mind that he is nothing more than the President, and the President cannot do whatever he smurfing well pleases. He has people to answer to, people to bend for, and PAC's to earn money from. Politics is a cruel, hand-tying business. Don't rely on politics or laws. Rely on G-d and yourself.

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