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I am or am I? - Your WRITES

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Wondering why
Never have I heard your voice
Never have I looked into your eyes
My belief
My wonder
My doubts
Never have I held your hand
But you want me to do what you command
Am I lost
Am I found
Am I at all
What is self
What am I
Time rushes by
Or does it
Go with the flow
Or fight against the tide
Laugher and tears
Too often I cried
Turn out the light
Lay awake in the dark
Mind racing
Dreams I've been chasing
Night sounds I hear
Listen to the screams
Eyes close tighter
Wishing and hoping
For days that are brighter
No help from no one
Just one I think
One would be enough
My life never has been smooth
My seas have always been rough
Cold winds blow
Friends come and then they go
Alone always alone
Need a hug
Need a kiss
Why why why
Am I always alone
Like this


I don't agree with the gist of your poem but I do like the writing.

My feeling is that someone is alone because they choose to be but being alone does not mean being lonely.

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