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Lesbian Role play - Get HAPPY

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Everybody does some role-playing, so it’s no wonder we’re all a little curious about the lesbos that switch back and forth between butch and femme as easily and often as women change their minds. To say it is disconcerting to see a vest-wearing, tough-talking, butch morph into a coy femme who giggles at everything said, is an understatement. It makes you feel like you’ve fallen into some parallel universe, where up is down and everybody walks backwards. The only thing more confusing is to see a lesbian out with a man on a date. But that’s a topic for another day.

Why is it so disturbing to see that big, bad butch playing a girlie girl? I believe the rest of us feel deceived, like maybe we never knew her, or that she’s acting phony. Funny thing is, I actually get how this type of thing happens on some level. Different women bring out different sides of your personality. Everybody’s somebody’s butch and somebody else’s femme. Are you confused yet? Sorry. Let me explain.

I am a professional lesbian who has been on the scene for several years. If you talked to people who have known me over the years, some would say I’m butch, and some would say I’m femme, depending on how they knew me and who I was with at the time. Super femme women automatically bring out my swagger and make me feel very protective of them. That’s about as butch as I get though, given I can’t work on her car, fix anything broken or lift anything over 30 lbs. I also don’t kill bugs or go camping. But I do like my jeans and love feminine girls, even though I always wear lipstick myself. Go figure.

With that qualifier said, I have found myself with a few tomboys who had something special, where I was the one who felt protected and more the femme. And let’s face it, practically speaking, most women are better butches than me given my considerable lack of practical skills. For me, the butch/femme thing is more about attitude and posturing. I never feel fake, regardless of what role feels right at any given time. It’s all about the woman I’m with and how she makes me feel.

Okay you feminists out there. I hear you bitching in the background. I know roles are oppressive. I do. But, I believe it’s a woman’s prerogative to fall into roles. In fact, it’s our way of giving the world around us some order. Even dogs have their pecking order in the pack. I doubt seriously they are playing butch/femme roles, but they are definitely instinctual about dominance and submission. It’s their way of relating to each other.

I know it’s complicated for us tweeners, the few of us somewhere in the middle who can’t commit to ALWAYS be butch or femme at all times. Cut us some slack, already. We’re confused enough without being forced into one camp or the other. Life isn’t that neat and tidy. And yes, we all feel a little bit tough on some days and a little femme on others. So isn’t it natural to act on those feelings.

So don’t judge, already. It’s nice to be nice. Tweeners need love too.


With all due respect I have been 'put down', 'disrespected' 'insulted' by 3 people here--3 lesbians!!! I didn't say anything negative to or about THEM but about the subject.
"I am a professional lesbian who has been on the scene for several years". want to take a guess why because I have no idea. :O)


I know it wasn't---after years of this 'fem' versus 'butch' argument--and I am talking over 60 years--it is irrelevant to liking someone. :O)

I just got threatened by a transsexual!!!!! Writing a movie review of "Star Trek Into The Darkness"--I swear if I live to be a hundred I will never understand people--and that is men and women!!!! LOL


@Martin! Lol!!! Doesn't that keep life so exciting! I'm with you, I will never understand some people, men, women AND children! lol

@Jillian, I really enjoyed this piece, as I came out late in life and got labeled as butch by my family and friends (who didn't know that I was in fact gay!) and since coming out, apparently I couldn't be butch if I tried (and I never have!) cos I'm so femme! Even my 13 year old laughs at my girly run across the road (come to think of it, I'm a more girly than my 13 year old!)

I would love to use this article to post on Gays.com blog, could I have your permission to do this, Jillian!

Good stuff!


Something in me wants to ask what a "professional lesbian" means, but I think I'll stay clear of that.


LOL! I think Jillian means that she's a professional who is also a lesbian, as in works in as a professional in her field...am I right, Jillian?


Oh Jack go ask--I know I am a professional gay man--nothing amateurish about me!!! LOL


Martin, howzbout a resume?


I'm a professional Physio Therapist, maybe i should of said that, and no i'm not a professional lesbian whore, all i was trying to say was that we all do role playing at some time in our lives. sometimes i'm very butch in my dressing and sometimes i'm very femme, just depends on my mood. Sometimes my lover enjoys me to be a Dom and sometimes she wants a gentle kind lover. and i am the same. There is nothing wrong in being a Role player, it spices up ones life. If we try be the same every day we can be seen as boring. Role play adds spice to ones life. Don't you think??? It's good to be bossy one day when the sex calls for it and sometimes it's nice to be taken by a Dom. heeheeheehee I'm glad the piece has created some interest. Kepp the comments flowing, but let's have fun and not be hurtful.


I'm sick of always having to be the bread winner. Would prefer to sit in a lawn chair and be fanned with palm fronds and hand fed grapes--probably with the seeds.


Hey Jack you got that offer over a month ago but you haven't done anything about it--stop complaining--the lounge chair is waiting for you at The Point overlooking Karen Bay!


Wasn't complaining, merely making a statement. I haven't forgotten your offer.


Full disclosure: of all the Star Trek chapters whether in books, TV episodes and movies I have only seen 2 of the 6 Star Trek movies. Being fairly new to what has been around for nearly 50 years I hope “Star Trek Into The Darkness” as a stand alone movie doesn’t represent all the previous stories. I felt a lot depended upon being a ‘trekkie’ and knowing what came before. The current film, in spite of the title, has more strobe lights and different colors than any movie I have seen in a long time. Between “Oblivion” and “Iron Man 3” this movie had very poorly executed non-special effects except how San Francisco will look years from now. The fights whether between men or machines were very lame. The screenplay by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof offered some looks into the human side of all from a possible romance between Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Nyota (Zoe Saldana) if not a bromance between Spock and Kirk (Chris Pine) though I didn’t know who the latter was until later in the film when he is referred to as Captain James T. Kirk and, for whatever reason, I immediately thought of William Shatner. The standouts were Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain with Simon Pegg as Scotty offering the only laughs along the way. Whether the rest of the cast were satisfactory to Trekkies I didn’t have any problems with John Cho, Alice Eve, Bruce Greenwood, Peter Weller or any of the other actors. A new director and other screenwriters would bring a lot more to the sequel than those involved with this did. With many more ‘summer’ special effects blockbuster movies on the way I would suggest skipping this one.
9 days ago by Martin D. Goodkin - edited 8 days ago

The JJ Abrams version of Star Trek is a dumbed-down interpretation meant for the lowest common denominator of movie audiences, not dedicated Trekkers, who are an intelligent bunch as a rule. Its sad to see this great franchise reduced to this, but its indicative of what America as a whole has become.
9 days ago by Bethany Frasier

I was hoping it would be a good movie for all--mainly I was very disappointed in the 'special effects'--not special at all!
I don't agree with your last statement but mother told me not to argue politics!! LOL
9 days ago by Martin D. Goodkin

I enjoyed the movie. Awesome! 5 Stars *****
9 days ago by Christina Desireé Holt

Christina, are you a trekkie? That is really the reason anyone would like it--they know what is happening! LOL
After seeing Iron Man 3--and I am not into those kind of movies--where the special effects were really special the ones in this movie were the most blah I've seen--except for the San Fran "9/11" scene
9 days ago by Martin D. Goodkin

Martin,i liked and millions will, its just your opinion, obvious you never r
Read dreadnought or blackfire,the film is excellent and so is the music, and harrison is khan,fantastic.
think your better sticking to unknown theatre reviews
I already have the films and when into darkness available will get it.
Lots.of other films i have,just picked one up,the crimson sea,doubt you would like it, its in german language.

9 days ago by Ailean Anrias

Yes it is just my opinion so what??? I will continue to review ALL movies as I get paid to--you have been negative to everything and anything I have to say so why bother.
For the record 2 of my favorite films this year so far have been foreign language films--because you are so negative I really would prefer you stay away from MY pages just as I have stayed away from yours.

By the way my Friend AJ who is a diehard TREKKIE didn't like the film either
8 days ago by Martin D. Goodkin

martin, the first words in this discussion "stark" obvious your lack of the english language is a lot worse than mine.
So nein liederneich, you understand that german for dont understand!
What you like and what i like will always be different, but really posting hate against a transsexual, in the negative too, silly boy!
You should have asked a few hundred people on here what i am like, not afraid of you or anyone.
Your just like these kids at kasserine,foolish little boys.
Really your not that interesting as a person,in fact rather boring! posting all that crap of your life story day by day.
Grow up silly we boy, you post like an infant, not a man.
8 days ago by Ailean Anrias

There YOU go again--where am I 'pushing hate against a transexual"???

You are and have been constantly anti me--and I am not saying it because I am gay or Jewish or old or anything else--I don't like you because you are very negative. "Really your not that interesting as a person,in fact rather boring! " so why 1) do you read me? 2) why do you comment to me? I don't care for you as a negative person--it has nothing to do with being transsexual--why would I even care?
So why not just ignore me? Why waste your time with an infant?
Just as PS--I have a contract for my "7 Decades" series--so I can expect you won't be buying it when it is published in hardback for the Holiday Season?
I have not read any of your 'discussions' or comments for awhile now--in fact I decided to leave you alone and I have--wish you would do the same for me--ignore me--don't read me--don't comment to me.
8 days ago by Martin D. Goodkin - edited 8 days ago

That is ok post was copied and passed to proper authorities, they will get in touch when there ready. Oops you did not know links i have with police.

7 days ago by Ailean Anrias


this is me thretening martin, my answer just use block, thats what i did.
And martin get it right "hermaphrodite" i was born female, unlike you, you just want to be one.


yet another discussion goes into the deep end


Jack from what I understand she is gone from here--very sad, negative person-- I hope she finds some happiness.

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