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Bare your soul

Don’t stand back in the corner
I don’t want your distant admiration
Don’t tell me you respect me
I want more than a friend

Give me more than passing glances
Stand beside me
And put your soul next to mine

Can I feed on the sweet taste of your skin
I want you to take me
Over and over again

Shower me with gifts
I’m drowning in paper

Dine at the best restaurants around
Each tastes the same

Tell me you want to see me
When you have a diary of offers
I will sit up and take notice

Speak to me with soft words
I will move my ear to your lips

Clear obstacles in my path
Without me having to ask
Catch tears from eyes
Before they roll down my cheeks
Then I know you care

Hold my hand
When you see me scared
Offer me your jacket
When I’m cold
Then I will know you are real

Encourage me to keep going
When I am tired
I will kiss your cheeks
With tenderness

Listen to me when
I need to talk
Remind me
I am only human
When I make a mistake
Make me laugh
When I feel down
I will be grateful
To have you in my life

Stand by me
When I am rubbish
Then I will know you are genuine

Make me feel young
When I feel old
Give me energy
When I have lost all motivation
I will give the same to you in return

Show me you know who I am
And what I like
Then I will know you’re interested

If you come to me
With no concern of
Future or

In the still of night
When the roads are empty
Trees bare of leaves
Fog hovers over grass in the park

If you strip bare of everything
In the moonlight of vulnerability
With nothing left except
Your naked skin and
Clothes at your feet

And tell me you need
And want me
Then and
Only then
Will I know
You love me…
And only me

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