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Meetup - Lesbian Ladies

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We all joined this site to be a part of an online LGBT community, and some of us have made friends here. I sometimes participate in online group discussions and have noticed the vast number of people wanting to actually meet new people. Nothing new to that, but I recently moved to a new city and joined “Meetup,” which I found online.

Meetup.com is an online community which offers many different events in and around your city. You can join any of the different groups they have to offer depending on your interests. I’ve already been to a few events and I’ve met several new women. Please note there are lesbian groups and many others online here for you to enjoy. This isn’t a dating service or anything like that, just a way to meet new people, and there is no cost (despite some may say there is).

Hopefully gays.com will post a link on their Home page for future reference and for the newbees out there!


nice post beatrice nice to see you back, and its fine that some of the girls see your post , but not much happening in this room, could you please re-post it in the get happy group where there is a wider audience.


Thanks Ailean! I will post it in "Get Happy" too. I think a lot of LGBT women feel alone or isolated within their communities and I found this group that I believe can help women meet other women to create friendships, maybe romance, but at the very least not to feel alone.

I suggested this to gays.com in the questionnaire but I believe they should just post a link b/c it's too involved for gays.com to post events in every city across the nation, send out invitations to rsvp for events, etc.

I received an email from a gays community manager asking me if I was affiliated or earning something for recruiting people... how absurd. I replied, stated the concept of the site and asked her to view the site for herself. I have absolutely nothing to gain from this and only joined it myself a few weeks ago. If it sounded like I was selling it, sorry, but I was excited and wanted to bring it to all of the ladies here.

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