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Change your profile picture-IDAHO! ∆!∆!∆!∆! - The Rainbow Lounge

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I know not all of us can be out, but let's use this day to try and speak out in any way possible about homophobia!

One way is, to represent yourself on Gays.com on Friday 17th May 2013 which is IDAHO—International Day Against Homophobia.

Simple, change your profile picture to the IDAHO logo!

To get a copy of the logo, click here: http://bit.ly/gaysidahoblog and right hand click on the last image in Calvin's blog post (it's the colourful triangles logo) and select "Save as" to download it to your computer/phone.

Then simply upload it as a new profile picture on your profile!

Kissing you all! MWAH


Done it Thx Tara.....


I forgot to mention, once you've done it...comment here! so we can see the Rainbow Lounge light up with the IDAHO logo...how many do you think will do this? I'm gonna throw this out there and say...we will get at least 20 of you lovely members changing their profile pictures.

How many do you think will do it?




hahaha, love yours!!

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