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Angel Renee’

Paling into Light
On a desert morning
With a wafting breeze
And a heavy dew
An angel alights on a flower
Magic is weaving on the strings of the day
Singing dwells in the insects display

A girl forges her way
Riding into the moment
Her path is carved by the power
Of her Love
And by the courage of one who lets go
Of her dismay
Her heart soars
In her newfound Glory
Her essence becomes our Day
As she wafts in the oily breeze

In the sunlight we see your mighty flower
So fearless
And so Flourishing
Your core springs our eternal hope
And you have been the answer to many prayers
The wind dances it joyous tune
To your well-chosen words of assurance
And I survive as a result of your encouragement
Bless You Angel Renee’


I think her muse has lit upon you!

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