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A-Z of sex
Write your list here.
Be creative people. Be fun
Of course I left out lots
Now it's your turn.

Write you ABC's
And don't sat I never teach you anything lol


Clitoris, cum, Crotch
Doggy style, dildo, dripping
Erotic, ecstasy
Foreplay fingering
G spot. Golden showers and of course gays.com
Handcuffs, Horny
Ice Cubes
Jacking Off and Jilling off
Kinky Kissing
Licking lesbians
Missionary muff diving, masturbation
Nibbling nipples
Oral and orgasm,
Pinching pee
Sexting, Scissoring, Squirt
Threesomes and tap that
Vibrator, Vagina
Yank it
Zip it up


I know I duplicated some of yours Carol but I couldn't think of anything for those. It was fun.

A - Asshole

B - Blissful

C - Cock, Cum, Cocksucking

D - Doggie Style

E - Ejaculation

F - Fucking

G - Groping

H - Horny, Hand-Job

I - In Love

J - Jacking -Off, Jizz

K - Kinky, Kissing

L - Loving.

M - Masturbation

N - Nude.

O - Oral and Orgasm

P - Pinching, Piercing, Panties

Q - Queer, Quickie

R - Rimming, Rush

S - Stripping, Sucking, Sixty-Nine

T - Threesome, Throating

U - Underwear

V - Very Feminine

Y - Yank it

Z - Zip it up


S - Spooning!


lol I know there are lots more
@ Tara how could I forget spooning something I love to do lol
@ Mark that's a great list but you left out penis I hope you didn't find this list too "hard" to handle lol :P
Cum on people you know lots more


B - Balls sucking

P - Penis

S - Spooning, Slurping

T- Tea Bagging. (see B for reference it means same thing) LOL

Z - Zesty Sex.

LOL for those I left out.


hope these 2 help you all, dont like the next one but some do, its called watersports, then there is the latex and whips chains and cuffs, that right carol, mistress.




some of these urls not working.


Sorry if have duplicated any already stated.

A - annul

B - be jangle

C - carnivorous play

D - dual penetration

E - ego

F - Fallopian tubes

G - genitals

H - hood

I - infatuation

J - ?

K - ?

L - libidos

M - masturbate

N - nipples

O - orgasm

P - penis

Q - ?

R - rectum

S - scrotum

T - tongue

U - ?

V - vagina

W - wank

X - xxxxx play

Y - ?

Z- ?


loving this list! it keeps on going!
@Ailean, I think those clicking on your FB links have to be friends with you on there in order to see it!

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