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What's In A Thought - Your WRITES

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What's In A Thought
I need some clarity not some parody of
what's in a thought not of what's been
taught to say there's only white or black
there is no gray hmm what to think

Despite It
I'm not gonna bite it I won't even fight it
I would like to write it but despite it I
think I'll just recite it

What Happened To
what happened to you why do you do
the things that you do what happened
to living for love you know the 1 that
comes from above what happened to
life why is there so much strife why is
there so much war when there's so
much you can adore

I'm not gonna say that I am a mess but
there is something I wish to confess
perhaps it'll help me to relieve all this

I am gay, happy to say. Kinda queer,
weird? Strange to hear?

chalk it up let's talk it out there will be
no yelling I will not shout


I don't need to confess to anyone than myself
I don't regret who I am
I am free to be who I wish to be
I may had lost friends and family
but I gain true friend by my side
I maybe complicated to be with
I feel lost in my mind
I never went with anyone since I am me
I am just waiting to be ready, I am lost
I need to be find by you and believe that you're the one
I am just me, one of many.. Unique as we all are
I'm just tired to fight myself out of the hole that keep
filling every time I get out of it..
I'm on on my own, I just want someone to be here for me as I will too


Awesome! I respect you Jamie, you've spoken true words.


it came from my heart, I'm honest...

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