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Some Random Thoughts - Your WRITES

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A Different Direction
random thoughts are like an infection
but this time I'm going to take it in a
different direction of not what's just in
my head but of words that have never
been said so come along and gather
round cause what was lost will soon be

come come along gather round there's
no need to clown we are who we are so
come sit down pull a chair up to the
table have a seat I'll buy you a beer
would you like something to eat

I am here to enlighten you not to
frighten you there's no need to fear
there's something I wish to tell you so
come and hear I'll be sure to make
everything crystal clear

From The Heart
There is a song you can sing to let
someone know the love you bring come
summer autumn winter or spring

it's never easy to express ones feelings
but if it comes from the heart that's a
very good start

yes actions speak louder than words
and it begins with the first impression
how you present yourself then again you can't
always judge a book by its cover

beauty is on the inside or in the eye of
the beholder not just skin deep

is it love that makes people do stupid
things or do people do stupid things in
the name of love I need some clarity

I know it is said that opposites attract
but I do not believe that is a fact it
should not matter if you are opposite or
the same when 2 people get married it
is to become 1 in Union with each other
like 2halves make 1whole


never give up
dream come true to the one that believe
scar are given by pain
by time they fade away
but your heart always remain open
new frontier is to be discover
as time goes by.. never gave up


"when 2 people get married it
is to become 1 in Union with each other
like 2halves make 1whole"
I was with you until the above-I am whole without someone! :O)

Very good Christina




I only wish to be one
my whole life is an empty hole
I need to fill it with you, the one for me
in here or out there I believe I will find you
I'll never gave up on you, even if you do


I'm not gone do myself again.. it's boring


IMO I found making MYSELF a whole person exciting and adventurous and it brought me closer to my friends--and it has given me a joyous life!


A "better half" can only complement you if you yourself are already whole.


It's only a wish
to belong to someone
a dream to be lived
once in a lifetime
my life given to you
for endless love
I am a dreamer
but always awake

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