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Earlier today, I saw the above word on the web. Somebody defined it as including consenting non-humans. That would exclude, animals, then, but include alien races. That was how it was defined.

I have been looking up things on different "sexual orientations" recently and wondered last week if there might be one that describes an attraction to fictional characters. I often use my writing as a way to escape the real world. I can relate far better to a character I've written than to a person I know in real life. Something to ponder.


@Jack, Well I know that Ernestine Tomlin, probly before your time, the pin up operator for THE PHONE COMPANY once defined omnipotent to a customer as being potent with an omni in front of it, so omnisexual must be similar.

(Hint; Look up Lily Tomlin characters from Laugh-In)


Dont know if spelt right your saying your not suffering from xenophobia, phobia towards alien races, a bit of a jedi, jedi support the alien integration with the human race.
Sith on the other hand prefer the human race, all other races are sub species, humans are superior.
How many times we heard that one!
Guess this will be the fun discussion, at least the music for the dark side is powerful and. dominant.
Whereas the jedi is emotional & passionate.
sci-fi has a funny way of becoming fact.


Yeah, I don't know necessarily about Klingons or elves or mokka-dal or Huts per se. (Ewoks? Hmm...) Even humans who exist only in ficticious literature.


Well klingons were based upon vikings and the sagas,romulons on the roman empire.
the hutt cartel on capitalist gangs, and ewoks on teddy bears and return of the jedi could so easily been named "return of teddy bears picnic" but then many star wars fans would have been hurt also lucas wanted to finish films after empire strkes back.


Actually, if you want to know the origin of the Ewoks, Lucas originally envisioned a battle with Wookies (which he eventually did in Revenge of the Capitalists). For whatever reason, which I do not presently recall, he cut them in half and reversed the name from Wookie to Ewok, and the greatest Star Wars battle was born.

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