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Searching through my mind - Your WRITES

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I think we are all searching
and when we get there
We just shrug our shoulders
And say "oh is this all there is"

Was are time on earth
Really worth all that fighting
All that killing
Why don't people see

Enjoy what you have
Stop wanting more
Live in the moment
And we'll die later
Just like all the people before

Ask "why" more
Listen more
Open your heart
Because you may not be that smart

Some will tell you it can't be done
But those ones didn't do it
So how would they know

Take a moment to think of others
Friends, sons, daughters fathers and mothers
Give a smile because they are free
And of course you are always welcome
Come cry to me

Love for love's sake
Don't ask for anything in return
Mend bridges that you used to make
Forgiveness is something you must earn

"Write your feeling down" she once said
But how do I put into words
All the crazy thoughts that go through my head.


I understand what you have written.


I've been telling people this week I don't know where my life is going, but I live my life as I write. When I write something, I have a beginning, and I have a general idea for an ending, but how I get there really comes along as I begin writing. I don't necessarily have a plan for the middle of the story. I let it develop itself. That's how my life goes. It's going to end someday. How I get there, to the end, we'll see.

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