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From stardust to infinity and beyond the depths of darkness - Get HAPPY

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I may be right or I may be wrong but this is my thoughts on life.
I hope it helps make sense of things for you.
We may only be here on this planet for a short time but if we learn to except others for their differences and love ourselves for who we are, maybe it's all worth it.
Do your best with what you have but know what ever you make will one day turn to dust.
So don't stress too much about getting things right.
There is no such thing as perfection
Although I've heard love is the exception.
Bad things happen to good people but it just makes them stronger.
I don't fear death it's just a doorway to heaven
Where spirits are all free from pain and we live once again.

We all come from a source of energy is it heaven or love or God?
I'm sure you have a name for it or maybe you don't but I'm sure you've thought about it.
We come into this world and our bodies which we have no control of picking
if they are male or female, black or white or something else.
Our spirit or soul has lived before and will live on after our body withers and dies.
Our souls are an energy source like the heat and light from a burning match we can see the energy leave as we blow out the flame watch the smoke disappear into space.
So your answer is life after death I say yes the soul never dies.
We come into this world to experience adversity the more challenges we have the more our souls learn and grow. As we live our lives we touch others in ways we can not imagine, while we battle through our lives others only see what we let them see because they judge us.
So much of our lives are hidden, we only let a few in to see the real person we are.
As lonely souls in this world we try to find a connection to someone special, someone who understands and loves us for who we really are. Someone that excepts us even after knowing our faults and yes we all have faults we are after all only human.

We are living in a time of expansion everything feels like it is moving so much faster now.
Like sand blowing in the wind from a child's sandcastle the grains fly in the wind out into the distance never to return again. The past seems like a small safe place but the future is like an explosion ever changing and with so many new possibilities.

Communication is instant, talking to someone on the other side of the planet is just an excepted thing now. But imagine closing your eyes and quieting your mind to enter a world of a dreamlike state where time and space mean nothing. There you are free. Have you entered another dimension?
In our dreams we can have whatever we want and we can be wherever we want to be.
We can even be with whoever we want to be with.
In reality our minds control how we see things good or bad. Our prospection can be positive or negative.... do you see the glass half full or half empty?

You have the power to take bad things out of your life and move on but you can also hold on to sadness and stay in a dark place. Sure we can't change everything but we don't have to except the negativity of others either.
Make the best of what you have and try to help others but don't get sucked into their sadness so far that you can't get out of there either.

Have you ever wondered why there is so much contrast in the world today?
Why does it bother you? If you knew we all are just lost souls in human forms looking for love it would make perfect sense that it doesn't matter what body your soul mate is in.
Whether it be a male or female, older or younger, black or white, fat or thin or anything else you care to put a label on. When souls make a connection it's because one has something the other one wants. Do you feel like something is missing? When you find your special one you feel complete.
So why do people break up and move on?
Well we are like rivers flowing and changing we can't be held back by anyone or anything.
Sometimes you have to let go of the one you love and when you do, it just leaves a space in your heart.
But that space will want to be filled and you can choose to open your heart again or you can hold on to your memories. If you hold on to the past you'll never open the widow to let loves light in again the memories of your past lover will grow bigger and bigger no one can break down those walls you build. You have to let people in or you will be lonely and lost forever.

The greatest love of all is a mother's love she loved you before you were born because you are a part of her and always will be.
When you feel your mother is unhappy with you it's only because she wants the best for you.
She may not understand how you feel and maybe she never will but she loves you.
Sometimes you need to just let her hear you love her too.

Before you go to sleep at night no matter how good or bad the day has been remember you can start all over again tomorrow.
So think happy thoughts and dream sweet dreams because nothing is ever as bad as it seems.


Very nice---I have adopted many of the things you talk about--all I ask of life is to get up in the morning and I will take it from there--I am very open about my life, where I have been, who I am, how I feel and I do not hesitate to express it-- people can't seedm to handle this even when I loudly say THIS IS MY OPINION!
I have had many ups and downs in life but I wouldn't trade a moment of it--all I know is that at the age of 77 I am a very happy person with friends who care about me and that I care about..
The only thing I disagree with you is about mother's love---working with teens who are HIV+ and/or have AIDS I know that is not true--also in my own life i know that not to be true.
Have a great day!


Me too. Love this Carol. Keeping things simple is the best way!


Nice post carol, but missing something! Blessed be.


today in my class we talked about dynamics with personality and out look of life. i read this to my class. we all love it.


Yeah Carol I really like what you wrote and somethings you have said I can put myself in the places youhave talked about. Love ya girlie. Hugs

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