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(I want to thank Maria for having the patience to go through my blogs to find this--now I forget why I was looking for it!!!! In any case this was posted in 2007 so I am going to look it over and make any changes if need be though I don't why there would be.)

1. I'm all thumbs on the Internet!
2. Many moons ago I took a vocational exam and got zero in 'mechanics'
3. I was an habitual liar (and a good one) until I was 36.
4. I was an alcoholic until the age of 45.
5. I trust people.
6. I have been out of the closet since I was 12.
7. I started smoking at 12 (to appear sophisticated) and between the ages of 18-63 I smoked 2-3 packs a day--at the age of 65 I had congestive heart failure and now only smoke 15 cigarettes a day--I know, I know. (I stopped smokling July 21, 2008, before going in for an aorta valve replacement and haven't had a cigarette since!)
8. I cry at movie and plays.
9. Sunsets thrill me.
10. In the 70s I use to take off--with the AAA travel book and a gay guide--from work every July 15-August 15, in my convertible with the top down, exploring a different section of the country each time--stopped when and where I wanted for as long as I wanted.
11. I have lived in NYC, Laguna Beach and Hollywood, California, Memphis, Tennessee (The best 10 years of my life), Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale in Florida.
12. Have traveled to Australia, New Zealand (Auckland is my most favorite city in the world), South America, Vancouver, Canada, Hawaii, Fiji Islands, Puerto Rico and took cruises in the Caribbean.
13. I have 4 'ex-lovers'.
14. I am basically a loner.
15. I believe in pleasure before business.
16. I have been both rich and poor--more of the latter--but happy under both circumstances (though rich is better!)
17. I am selfish.
18. I am stubborn.
19. I am giving.
20. Though I may ask where you would like to eat and/or what kind of food I already know what restaurant we are going to.
21. I divorced my family when I was 16.
22. I don't NEED/WANT someones acceptance and/or approval.
23. Though I don't wear a sign around my neck saying "I am gay," neither do I deny it nor will I stand by and listen, not saying anything, to anti-gay jokes. (Or most posts except by those who have closed minds and they are, usually, Republicans and/or christians--small c.)
24. When someone asks me if I am gay I first reply, "Why do you want to know? Do you want to go to bed with me?" then answer yes.
25. I am a romantic.
26. I believe in 'little things mean a lot'.
27. My favorite writers are Tennessee Williams, Larry Kramer, John Rechy and Maya Angelou.
28. The most exciting time I ever spent in the theatre was watching the performance of "A Chorus Line" when it became the longest running musical on Broadway--Sept. 29, 1983--the Shubert Theatre, NYC.
29. The second most exciting time was the first time I ever saw ACL--Thanksgiving, 1976, Shubert Theatre--I have seen over 100 productions of the show across the country.
30. The two worst Broadway to Hollywood adaptations are "A Chorus Line" and "Man Of La Mancha".
31. I have champagne tastes and beer pockets.
32. I have never saved for a rainy day.
33. Have declared bankruptcy twice.
34. I absolutely detest housework--even send my socks to the cleaners.
35. I love gardening.
36. I love to cook and am great at it--you have never tasted shrimp scampi and Caesar salad like mine.
37. I have 17 finches, 2 cockatiels and 2 budgies. (Had.)
38. I love life.
39. I love people.
40. I am Mr. Pollyanna and Mr. Optimist.
41. Like Anne Frank I believe there is good in everyone.
42. I take people at their word.
43. I have hated only two people in my life--one was 50 years ago and I don't remember what his name is or what he looked like--the other is an ex who i called my hater instead of my lover and now all I can remember is that he did his best and what he thought was right.
44. I dislike intolerance, prejudice and discrimination though I admit to all against negative people.
45. I have experienced that many splendored thing--loving completely and being loved completely in return.
46. I would rather have a good friend than a lover.
47. My favorite sound is children laughing as only they can.
48. I admire actors tremendously--even the bad ones--because I have never had the guts to do it.
49. I am great at motivating people but not myself.
50. I've been a big fish in a small pond and a small fish in a big pond--the former is better.
51. I was brought up on Hollywood movies in the 40s and 50s and still want life to be that way.
52. I am shy--at first meeting.
53. My favorite--and only--curse word is sh-o-o-o-o-t as only a Southerner can say it. (I was raised in a family where THE curse word was banana oil--don't ask me why!)
54. I do not believe in physical monogamy.
55. I am a gentleman--will hold a door open for a female, walk on the outside, etc.
56. Moderation is not in my vocabulary.
57. Though I love writing I hate rewriting, editing.
58. I was fat for the first 31 years of my life--thin for the next 10--not as thin the next 31 years and have battled it the past 8 years--currently I am winning the war.
59. I ran an ad in the Advocate when I lived in Memphis--got over 300 responses--invited them to stay at my place either Memorial, July 4th or Labor Day weekend--over the 3 weekends 167 people showed--one became a very close friend and others I communicated with for many years.
60. Once I know the date I will acknowledge your birthday--even if after a certain age you don't want me to.
61. My life is and has been an open book and have even gone as far as to publish it (Shameless plug--go to www.authorhouse.com--enter "Letting It All Hang Out" and you can order it--also, "The Free Prisoner") (You can getter them for a better price at amazon and ebay!!! Those are, in some cases, autographed copies I gave to friends LOL)
62. I believe I will win the lottery and/or my books will become best sellers.
63. I am a list maker and, eventually, do everything on the list.
64. I am a prude when it comes to talking about sexual acts but not when doing it.
65.I have very little patience.
66. My favorite snacks are chocolate, peanuts, potato chips, salami and bread.
67. I would kill for a good carrot cake.
68. The amount of food I can consume at one sitting amazes even me.
69. The older I get the more of a homebody I have become.
70. I love watching animals move.
71. "Hide and Seek" by Pavel Tchelichew is my favorite painting.
72. Being surprised with unexpected gifts like a book or a gingerbread house.
73. I love giving gifts.
74. Being with someone I am comfortable enough to enjoy silence.
75. I admire Larry Kramer as a writer and an activist.
76. Birds of Paradise are my favorite flower.
77. In the theatre when the house lights come down and the curtain is about to go up I know I will be lost in the world on stage.
78. I am alone--by choice--but not lonely.
79. I have become a reality show junkie--Amazing Race, American Idol,
Survivor and Wife Swap though I know their reality is tinkered with. (And now "Undercover Boss!)
80. I like female blues singers.
81. Just sold 800 VHS tapes on EBay. (Still have my collection of classic gay movies like "Torch Song Trilogy", "Maurice", etc. on VHS--don't ask me why I am keeping them!)
82. I looked for--and found--love in many wrong places.
83. The older I get the less I am willing to compromise.
84. I do crossword puzzles in ink.
85. I love a good tearjerker.
86. I can program a VCR, a DVD, a television but don't know how to work 'special effects' on a computer/Internet.
87. I have gotten into a routine since I have retired which is something I very rarely did.
88. I have made love in places you can't even imagine.
89. I have learned that things that may be important to me may not be to you.
90. Everyday, when I wake up, I look in the mirror and say, "Martin, you are fantastic!"
91. I fall asleep by 'writing' my next book or play.
92. I have not worn a suit, sports coat or tie since 1979 except one waiter's job I had where you had to wear a tie. (Now that I am a 'working' theatre reviewer I do wear a jacket.)
93. The only food I won't eat is oyster plant.
94. While I am great at giving advice I very seldom will take any.
95. I am very unforgiving to anyone who disrespects anyone I like or lies or puts anyone down or bullies anyone or thinks their way is the only way.
96. Aside from the heart failure 7 years ago I have been, and am, healthy. (See # 7)
97. I come across as a tiger but I am really a pussycat.
98. I believe in the 'kindness of strangers'.
99. There is only one thing I would change if I had my life to live over again.
100. I have led, and am leading, a very good life with all its up and downs.


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