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A Toast To All Things - Poetry Group

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it's an essence of things -
breathing life the way
life breathed into things;
making it all sorts of special
or perhaps tragic.
and a sweet poison
toils me down this hole -
the taste of wine
lulls a feeling deep within me.
our muses know what better fate
could turn our ways so fluidly,
of joy, of sorrow -
we are not promised tomorrow,
just the moment, just this moment -
where i surrender all that i am;
for you are a fervent lover,
whose lips caress my own
of sweet bitterness -
i've reaped what i've sown,
with your unforgettable taste,
as the echo that stirs within me.
to a comfort; to a mirage -
to my way of things:
a sip, a breath,
i breathe, with a slow pulse of a
beat, beat, beating (heart) -
pierced by an arrow,
delicious asphyxiation;
my vision blurs,
and nothing, not today,
not now, nothing remains


ooh yes :3

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