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Excerpt from my novel, Starlin's Child: The Wrath of Destiny - Your WRITES

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As Maunan and Arnagog approached a cluster of several Minotaurs, they saw that they were standing around a large pit that had begun to draw a great deal of attention. Maunan and Arnagog dismounted from their dazrans and went to see what was in the pit.
They stood over the edge and looked into the pit. The pit was deeper than the height of four men, and the circumference was almost twice as much. At the bottom of the pit, several boddles were feeding voraciously on an unidentifiable corpse. From time to time, one of the boddles would look upward at those who were gathered around the lip of the pit and then return to its feast, interested in nothing more than filling its belly.
Arnagog looked at Maunan. “What is the meaning of this?”
“I cannot be certain,” said Maunan, looking to the sky, “but boddles are invariably a sign that evil is not far away.”
Arnagog looked into the pit. There were seven boddles down there. “We could fill in the pit and be on our way.”
Alnir and Maxie brought their horses to a halt, climbed down to the ground, and walked over to the pit, standing behind Maunan and Arnagog in such a way that they could peer into the pit without being seen themselves.
Maunan considered Arnagog’s suggestion. “It is possible,” he said, looking around the vast open terrain, “that there are more boddles in the area. If we were to bury these alive, the others might sense it and return here.”
“How many could there be?” asked Arnagog. “We are a thousand strong.”
“It is difficult to predict what may be with boddles. They are, after all, evil incarnate, and they could be not far from us at this very moment.”
Arnagog looked into the pit. He now could see that the boddle’s victim had the form of a young, human girl. “I think that we ought to take the risk.”
Santos, Pitt, and Mully rode over to Maunan and Arnagog with Desaral at their side.
“Boddles,” said Arnagog as the others peered into the pit.
“What can we do with them?” asked Santos.
“I think we ought to fill in the pit,” said Arnagog.
Santos and Pitt looked at Maunan for his response.
Maunan was uncertain what to do. He glanced briefly at Alnir, who was staring intently at the boddles.
“Good,” said Maunan at last, throwing a hand into the air. “Fill up the pit, and we shall ride quickly away from this spot.”
“Alnir?” said Arnagog.
“Yes?” asked Alnir, pleased to be involved.
“Explain to Desaral that we need to fill up the pit. The Minotaurs perhaps will do it the most efficiently.”
Desaral understood Arnagog’s words and told Alnir that the Minotaurs would set to work at once filling up the pit. He called to Marus. Marus rushed to Desaral’s side, and Desaral explained to him that they needed all the Minotaurs to help fill in the pit. Marus quickly went to round up the other Minotaurs, and with great speed, they all began pushing loose dirt into the pit.
The boddles began to screech as the dirt fell on top of them. The scratched at the walls of the pit, but there was no way for them to climb out of it. They panicked with no way of escape as the Minotaurs dumped massive amounts of dirt upon them, burying one after the other.
Three boddles were already gone beneath the dirt when something in the pit caught a ray of light and shimmered upward. Pitt saw it out of the corner of his eye
“Wait!” said Pitt. “There is something down there. Wait! Stop!” He held up a hand for the Minotaurs to stop throwing dirt into the pit.
“What is it?” asked Arnagog.
“I saw something,” said Pitt, looking into the pit for the object. “It looks like it may be something valuable.”
“Leave it,” said Maunan. “It is not wise for us to stay here.”
“No,” said Santos. “Wait a minute. I think I see it, too.”
Before anybody could respond, Santos jumped into the pit. He landed on a tall mound of dirt beyond which the remaining boddles were clambering frantically to find a way to safety. Santos pulled his sword from its sheath and jumped to the bottom of the pit, where he immediately impaled the last four boddles, one after the other.
The body of the boddles’ victim had been buried almost completely. One hand remained uncovered, and the hand was holding something that was also hidden partially underneath the pile of dirt. Santos attempted to yank out the hand and the object together, but they were buried under too much dirt. He started to dig at the dirt above the hand, but more dirt fell on top of it until the hand itself was totally buried.
He got on his hands and knees and dug wildly until he revealed a part of the hand. He then began to dig around that portion of the hand with one of his hands, pushing the falling dirt aside with his other hand. Very quickly, he managed to uncover the object that the dead human had been holding. It was a silver crown bedecked with intricately cut rubies and emeralds. He took it, stood up, and looked upward to see how he would get out of the pit.
“Quickly!” said Maunan with urgency in his voice.
“How am I to get out of here now?” asked Santos.
As soon as he had spoken, Santos felt his feet go numb. He looked at his feet and saw that he was rising off the ground. He clutched the crown tightly with both hands as he rose above the boddles and entirely out of the pit.
As Santos landed firmly on the ground, everybody stared at Alnir for an explanation. Alnir made no expression but merely looked down at the piteous hand of the boddles’ victim.
“Let us flee from here quickly,” said Maunan. “Something is amiss.”

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