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please help with the survey - The Gay Christian Network

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Hey everyone

We are getting quite excited at the towers of Gays.com. The new Gays.com is going to be a lovely website for socialising...you will be able to make friends far more easily than our current version!

Thank you all for filling out the original questionnaire we posted...but could you do us another favour and give us a some more detailed information.

Click here to fill out this questionnaire http://bit.ly/buildyourgaysdotcom online.

Or if you prefer a Word doc, message me with your email and I'll send it there...or you can give your response here below, these are the questions:

What made you decide to join Gays.com? You explained before the main reasons why you are on Gays.com and what you do on here, but what encouraged you to join in the first place?

Do you wish to find someone to date? Even if it's not through Gays.com, do you look for someone to date? Either by getting to know them as friends first, or combining your social activity with an eye out for that someone special?

Why do you want to socialize with people from the LGBT community online? You may have covered this in the first question, but if you have more details about why you like belonging to an LGBT online community, please give them here.

Would you like to make friends on Gays.com that are local to you? Some people like to just have online friends; others like to use online communities as a way to find people in their area. Please explain which you prefer and why.

If you are in a relationship, does your partner have any concerns about you using Gays.com? If you're not, would you still use Gays.com if you met the love of your life? We are trying to establish whether we should offer the option to register as a couple.

What kind of information would you like to fill out so that others know about you? Height, Weight, Body type, Ethnicity, Eye colour, Hair, Hair colour, Body hair, Beard, Tattoos, Smoker, Piercings, Interests/Activities, Camp, Personality, Religion, How out, etc. Do you think these are necessary? Please explain why, or why not.

When we launch, we won't have Groups. All content of the current groups will be deleted. How do you feel this will affect your Gays.com experience? We do plan on having a forum in the future but would need to leave them out at first so as to get the new Gays.com to you faster. Would you rather wait a little longer and have these at launch, or can you live with out these features from the get go?

Which other LGBT online social networks/communities do you belong to? Whether for dating or for socialising, please let us know

Which non-LGBT online social networks/communities do you belong to? For example, Facebook, MySpace, FourSquare, etc.

Hope you have a brill day. ☺

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