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This was one of my first blog posts---January 28, 2006--at the third site I started to blog at--7 years later I still believe in all these plus a few more!

Some of the philosophies I have gathered for myself after 70 years (okay 77 now):

1. Life is uncertain--Eat dessert first!

2. Never say never.

3. Eliminate try from a sentence and it becomes a positive statement.

4. Say won't instead of can't which makes you honest.

5. Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who do!

6. "I do my thing and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I and if by chance we find each other; It's beautiful." Frederick S. Perls

7. Promises are made to be broken.

8. When you feel guilty you are spending time in the past, when you are worrying you are spending time in the future and when you do either you are not dealing with the here and now.

9. "There is good in everyone." Anne Frank

10. When love is gone I will not stoop to become your friend.

11. What goes round comes round.

12. Most people don't learn from past mistakes and keep repeating them.

13. I do not need another to validate or approve of me.

14. It's human to err, divine to forgive but harder to do the latter.

15. When a person lies it is usually to make them look better in your eyes.

16. Being alone doesn't mean you are lonely.

17. People will do what they want to do even though they say they won't/don't.

18. Some people believe that negative attention is better than no attention at all.

19. "If you really love me you will..." should not be said to someone you love.

20. Eliminate negative people from your life.

21. Live as if today is the last day of your life.

22. Do stop to smell the roses, look at nature.

23. Appreciate what you have.


And now a few more:

24. Another way of putting #17--people are selfish--even the do gooders let you know they are doing good and that's why they do it.

25. People are really ugly when they can hide behind the Internet

26. I am a very happy, positive person and become more so as I get older!

27. The people I am most disappointed in are those that call themselves christians and the people I admire most are those who live their life as Christians.

28. It is possible to make real friends after meeting them on cyber space.

29. Yes, what mother said is still true: do not discuss religion and/or politics.

30. Children know it all or so they think--adults realize how little they know.


I just say a brilliant quote on gays.com yesterday: If at first you don't succeed, don't go skydiving.


so do I, martin!


Another great quote I saw online recently was: Lukas Haas is the Pablo Escobar of the Keebler elves. I don't really get the Pablo Escobar reference, but I love Lukas Haas's ears. I am a big fan of big ears. Queen Elizabeth was happy when her grandkids were born without Prince Charles's big ears. I was disappointed when my kids were born with normal-sized ears.


lol I can see you two totally flirting with each other.
Cute hehehe
Oh yeah I'm a wise arse too.
I love what you guys write


You know what they say, Carol. The wiser the arse...


No, what do they say Jack? Actually I remember things better if it is demonstrated!!! LOL

Who is flirting Carol? Not me--I'm serious--come on Jack is a hunk in the making!


@Carol. I don't know if this is flirting as much as just writing and havin' a grand ol' time.

@Martin. Honestly, I don't know what they say. I figured you with your years of experience might be able to fill in the blank. I just got it started. Anyway, I think my comment is just as humorous as is. What's this about a hunk in the making though? Years ago, one of my rabbis told me I had potential. Potential, golly, thanks. As in: As you are is not so bad, but you'll be something in the future. I showed him, though.


Jack could it be "The wiser the arse the older it is"?

Rabbis are no help in making a hunk--now that's where my years of experience come in--in more ways than one.

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