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the happiness around you and no place for the sadness - Get HAPPY

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yes its truth around you its not aim try to get it it near you
my words i think strang to you i know

if you study hard to get a great jop that good and we have to do that to deal with the hard life but do not think that is the happiness it is just part of the happniess

yes it is just part surprise! you have to so where can i find the other parts
here you are now with it in fron fo you

1:donated to poor
you can not imagine how he fell happy because of you maybe you helped him to eat somthing today or to his chlidren myabe helped him to buy medicine for him or for his chlidren and a lot of thing you can not think about it

yes if you can deal with money then you can make your happiness
if you just have money and do not do any thing exapt eating drinking sorry you will never fell happiness never ever

2:Look at who is the less you do not look at who is above you
the meaning is do not say i wish if i had this car or this house than you will

hate every thing you have after that will felling with sadness because this will tired you
but if you have a nice car remember there are some people who can not buy an old car then that will help you be a sober and fell happiness

3: prayer it is important factor in happiness thank your god and never forget him
4:visit infirmary or old age hospital the old people there will be happy because

there is a person care about them and love them that will make them certainly fell happiness
5:Happiness in parental satisfaction and be sure the parans love their children whatever happen

6:Happiness in the empty heart of envy, hatred and selfishness
there is no road leads to happiness .. Nobody can tell you happiness place

if he know that there is a place for happiness he will go before you and he
does not have enough time to tell you

Is there happiness better than you are living in pace Youth and mind, health
There are no happier than this stuff

many right ways to get to happiness
sorry if i wrote something bothor you

best wishs


A lot of good words there though I don't agree with many--my path to happiness has just been getting up in the morning going from there--I have been very wealthy and also declared bankruptcy--my happiness is within and I choose it over sadness or 'poor little me'. I left hate behind--no room or time for it.


Happiness is a state of mind, accepting whatever you have and being comfortable with it, no expectations.


that's the way to go, Martin.


happiness to you martin is just waking up every morning !!!!!! ok
there are people waking up every day without hands or feet and there are also people can not find something to eat or drink if they waking up in the morning

sorry martin what you talking about is not the happiness even if you happy that not enough go and lokking for it again the happiness is not one thing.


I disagree with you--to me waking up in the morning is a new start every day to change things, to help others to do what YOU can do to make the world a better place.
Ypu may not have hands or feet but I can certainly offer my help for whatever you might need/want--possible I can do somwthing stupid/childish that will make you smile.
My life is mainly made up of volunteering to help other people--I volunteer to help teenagers with AIDS--I volunteer to help old folks get food and eat it--that is all part of happiness
Selfester reach individual has to determine what happiness if for themselves--putting someone down or thinking differently may be your happiness--it is not mine.
I woke up this morning and I have things to do, to accomplish and that makes ME happy--to help others makes ME happy--just to BE makes ME happy--you can disagree but don't tell me how to define MY happiness.


am sorry i thought u said in your first words : i wok in the morning that all
to be a live just this
but now after all what u said i agree with you i mis anderstand bro
i wish u the happiness for good
nice to talk u and sorry again

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