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My lady in Black - Your WRITES

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My lady in Black

By Renee’

Dressed in black
Oh so forlorn
With eyes so blue
Yet so deep
With lips so full
Yet so sweet
A sweet lil nose
One to be kissed
With a face that could launch a thousand ships
You have stolen my heart

Gently you hold your arm
Against your face
What is it?
What lies beneath that smile?
A smile of wonder
A look of content
Or is something deeper

So, it was You?
Yes you
Who took me into the night?
Captivating me,
Memorizing my thoughts
Controlling my every dream
Yet before there was you
My mind was hollow
Without for sanity
It was half full

Then my Heart you did steel
It was stolen from me
By a clever, smiling thief
A most tantalizing foe...
When that face came into my life
And yes, cleverly it stole my heart
Leaving me a prisoner
Whose heart belongs to another
Yes you

"Lover, I'll do anything for you."
"Alpha, I belong to you!"
"Mistress I am yours!"
Do with me as you please


Just beautiful way of painting emotions into such a descriptive poem.


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