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My Forever Friend - Your WRITES

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My Forever Friend

When I look into your eyes, I see the love that first
Sparked the flame of passion deep with in my soul,
When I hold your hand I feel the warmth
That took me by surprise and filled an empty hole.
When I walk with you upon the road of life,
I am forever grateful to you my dear friend.

Never a day do I regret
Having spent time in your presence
Never a day will I ever say
That your love doesn't surround me like a fence.
I will hold your hand and seek your friendship forever
As the sun does shine
You will touch my heart
You’ll always care for me
And always you will be mine.
Always will you be my friend divine

The curiosity that your smile holds
The twinkle of innocence in your eyes
Will always keep me by your side
And shelter me from the world's lies
You are mine and I am yours
Our love forever and always true

Together we will bear the loads as we have paid the due
We share the good and share the bad
In all that we must do
Onward we go not looking back and move as one not two
Oh, my darling, my love is strong and will only be for you!
You are my forever friend and no one else will ever do.

All my love,





First ever poem to have read my life out loud, on how I could ever love someone. And it never shall fade away.

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