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Okay, you remember me saying I had a 6 guy problem? Well I sorted that problem out by simply realising that if I was having such difficulty choosing then doesn't that prove that I'm just not meant to be with them and vice versa? Cause if I truly liked one they would stand out of them all no problem, so yeah, that's all sorted.
But now, I have met someone who I really, really, really, really, REALLY like!
And he has made it MORE than clear he likes me back, he lives about 4 streets away from me (about 4 or 5 blocks if you're reading from America) and we get along great, but there's a problem, I thought he was single but he was honest to me and told me he's in a relationship BUT it's an open relationship
Now this is where it gets tricky, because as I stand I'm not interested in a relationship with anyone, I just like being around this boy, he makes me laugh and make me happy and I just enjoy his company, but he has made it very clear that he wants us to evolve this and tbh I want to as well but as it stand I run from a relationship or even a friend with benefits - I have a feeling that one day I would want a relationship, and I know I'd love it be with him.
But, the fact he's in a relationship puts a halt on a relationship, however, being in an open relationship doesn't cast out friends with benefits... But I don't want that, I NEED commitment, I NEED a relationship, I worry too much that they'll find someone better than me, I feel it's cheating, and I've been cheated on too much.
I hate cheaters and if anything does happen with us wouldn't that make me some sort of cheat even tho he's in an open relationship?
You see, if anything does happen between us I know it'll only be a matter of time until the fact that he has a b/f will be too much for me to handle and I'll probably distance myself from him or tell him he needs to choose and I know that's really selfish of me, but I don't like being a 'bit on the side' I don't like going with someone who has someone else, someone who calls boyfriend, someone who is better than me, I like being their one and only...
So, this boy, this hot, funny, cute, whitty, happy boy is in an open relationship and has expressed a lot of interest in me as I am interested in him
Should I go for it?
Should I stay clear?


I think if you both genuinely like each other go for it. You shouldn't feel bad if his current open relationship didn't/doesn't work out- cause relationships are like that- they sometimes work or they don't.

Think of it this way, you got to know each other, became friends- but it became more than that because you two feel drawn to one another.

It's probably better to be spurned rather than living a life full of regrets of what you've never had or could have done.

Your own happiness should precede anything else, unless it involves mass genocide and other catastrophes.


i think you should stay friends with him if he makes you happy but make it clear that things will never go further unless he is single xx


i think if you had six relationships before i think your still seeking to find to mister right and he has to play by your rules


I didn't have six relationships at all!
How dare you!
I had 6 boys who liked me actually!


I agree with Hue Jia Yung. It seems like you 2 were made for each other.


People in open relationships more than likely have a set of rules and prohibitions they agree upon an open-relationship (curfew, name of tricks, no sleeping, just sex). Don't want to be starting fires in the dark. You have to make sure you and that guy you like are on the same page. You might be looking for something more one day; he might not be.

Don't forget that dating a person who's into open-relationship probably will suggest that with your relationship too. You seem like a "for one man" kind of guy and that'll get you into a myriad of stress along the way. You can't force a guy to be monogamous unless he wants to. Probably just get hurt in the end.

All that "made for each other" is just plain BS. No 2 people are made for each other. What keeps a relationship possible is the effort and trust built through experience. Attraction does help make new beginnings.

if you just want to have a sex buddy relationship, that's fine. Just never sleep in bed with a buddy and never have breakfast (just get up and go). That's where trouble starts. Don't start a tangled mess that you're not 99% sure your friend wants to be in.

Enjoy his company, have sex, go about your daily routine, and find other options (don't see why you shouldn't). A lot of guys can throw themselves in a relationship saying they know what they want but too selfish to give certain things up.

You never know. Open-relationships don't last long if the couple is not on the same page. By then it's open game. You can go ahead with the "All's fair in love and war" cliche, but personally, it's better to start a relationship without the drama. if he's the guy you want, then he'd be worth to wait for no? Just don't spend your days waiting for the door to open.

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