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So many talk about the pain of love
To me love is the most beautiful thing in the world
The pain I feel is not getting enough
When its quiet in the night and I'm alone
I miss you and I mind wonders
Sometimes the darkness pulls me in
I think about others and how they cry out
Other times I miss special people that touched my life
But most of all I think of my lovely girl friend
How she can be so hard headed and so caring
I love her more everyday she gives me such hope for the future
When I feel down she brightens my day by just saying hey
People are never perfect but the way she makes me feel is so wonderful
She only has to say hello and I'm melting into a puddle of happiness
There's a smile so wide on my face I just can't stop it
We talk about everything in our lives
I guess at times we are so different
I listen to what she tells me and my eyes grow wide
Like I'm a child once more with so much to learn about the world
Other times I tell her what I've been through and now I feel the peace
I calm her busy life and she excites my world
Like thunder crashes and lightening lights up the sky
We rain together and love falls and bring the sunshine
When the sun shines it is us laughing and playing
and teasing and pleasing each other
So forgive my random writings of love and war
My friends tell me of their lost loves and I write about them
My heart is filled with love and will always be
So as you travel in this world remember you touch so many others lives
Please be kind to each other and don't hold on to hate
If someone has left you there is someone out there waiting for you
Life has so many wonderful experiences to offer you so take each day as it comes
If you are sad find little things that make you smile
When I talk to people who are going through something bad I always remember
Things get better... It will all work out in the end and if if hasn't yet well it's just not the end yet
So go ahead write your feeling down or just read what others have written its always nice to leave a comment to let the writers know what you think.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I wish you well and blessed be.


Best bit at the end glad to see you using it make a wiccan or witch of you yet. Blessed be

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