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Human - Gay Guys! <3

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I am NOT gay,
I am NOT bi,
I am NOT lesbian,
I am NOT transgender,
I am NOT straight,
What I am though is human.

I am NOT black,
I am NOT white,
I am NOT hispanic,
I am NOT middle eastern,
What I am though is human,

I walk with my chin up,
I walk with confidence,
Yet people judge me and say that I am stuck up,
People say that I look scary because I don't smile a lot,
Yet people forget that I am just human.

People will argue my points without looking at my point as well as their point of view without being bias,
Yet I am only human.

People will talk behind my back of only the negative things they find about me,
People will make fun of me because I do something incorrect,
People will take anything offensive for ewhat I do and say,
Yet they forget that I am only human.

People will judge me; good or bad
People will throw rocks at me because I did something wrong,
Yet they forget that I' am only human.

Now if YOU never do anything wrong in life; look perfect; are perfect, then I invite you to throw the first rock at me. This only prove to me how ever that you are NOT human! I will forgive you though.

Maybe how ever if I had an open wound and you looked at my blood,
Then you will see proof that I am human just like you.

Maybe if we sat down and enjoyed a good chat together,
You will see that I am not perfect.

Maybe you will see that we are two totally different people but just the same.

Just remember though that I am only human and I will remember that you are only human too.


That's well thought out so I find this interesting


Great poem, you should join one of the writing groups!


That is great Sexi and I think we all should think that way.



Well put my fellow human being.


Yeah, Rei!

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