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I am NOT gay,
I am NOT bi,
I am NOT lesbian,
I am NOT transgender,
I am NOT straight,
What I am though is human.

I am NOT black,
I am NOT white,
I am NOT hispanic,
I am NOT middle eastern,
What I am though is human,

I walk with my chin up,
I walk with confidence,
Yet people judge me and say that I am stuck up,
People say that I look scary because I don't smile a lot,
Yet people forget that I am just human.

People will argue my points without looking at my point as well as their point of view without being bias,
Yet I am only human.

People will talk behind my back of only the negative things they find about me,
People will make fun of me because I do something incorrect,
People will take anything offensive for ewhat I do and say,
Yet they forget that I am only human.

People will judge me; good or bad
People will throw rocks at me because I did something wrong,
Yet they forget that I' am only human.

Now if YOU never do anything wrong in life; look perfect; are perfect, then I invite you to throw the first rock at me. This only prove to me how ever that you are NOT human! I will forgive you though.

Maybe how ever if I had an open wound and you looked at my blood,
Then you will see proof that I am human just like you.

Maybe if we sat down and enjoyed a good chat together,
You will see that I am not perfect.

Maybe you will see that we are two totally different people but just the same.

Just remember though that I am only human and I will remember that you are only human too.


Being human is all about yourself. No matter what you do, look like or your occupation; you're unique in every way possible. People point out the negative things about you, because that's the only thing they see in themselves & they want to make you guilty about it. Don't wear out about it, instead be cheerful that you were at least able to give something remarkable for them to notice.



Indiana Dolly, Your comment was understandable and I'm going ask you to read the poem again and see if you pick up another passage. Sometimes with poems you have to read them over and over and over again in many different angles and see if you get the right passage. You have the right idea about the poem; but the your aspect is not mine in this.


Thanks for letting me know, Rei. I'll definitely take another look at it, and let you know.

P.S.: You could call me, Indie. Thanks!





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