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Presidential tirade - Gay Guys! <3

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I won't dare post things like this on Facebook, but I need to vent, so please allow me to do so in front of you, my dear friends.

I am a Democrat, have been since 1988 when I, as a young child, supported Michael Dukakis for President. I have often referred to our current president as this country's greatest president since Wilson. That having been said, please allow me to gripe.

President Obama's presidency has been tarnished with violent mass killings of an outrageous number. In my office, one of the fellows turns on CNN, so I hear the news quite frequently. Today, there were reports of several shootings. I can't even remember all of them, but one involved a fifteen-month-old child and another was on a military base. Earlier this week, there was a shooting in a hospital and two campus shootings.

Our great President took an active part in the incidents iwith Gabby Gifford and in Sandy Hook (where everyone fails to mention that the guy killed his own mother, too), yet an egregious attack on Guam last month didn't make it to the national news and didn't put a bitter taste in our president's coffee either when a fellow drove a car into the side of a store and then jumped out of the car and started stabbing people. An elderly woman and her granddaughter were killed by the stab wounds (the granddaughter's two infant children were also injured.) A few days later, another man died from injuries resulting from being hit by the car. Elven people in total were wounded (plus three fatalities, making 14 victims). Nobody said a word, not CNN, not Yahoo, and not our dear, caring president. The victims of the Sandy Hook attack are heroes. The victims of the attack in Guam are just statistics.

Our Nobel-Prize-winning President has never bothered to visit Guam though Mrs. Clinton, who visited Guam as First Lady, addressed the island when she was running for president. Now, President Obama, with a Nobel under his belt, is galavanting around on taxpayers' tab threatening Syria with an attack and eating treifos with leaders of a terrorist government and an Ethiopian girl whom the Zionists turned into a simple whore before going to visit the grave of a man responsible for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of Jewish families.

North Korea has threatened to attack US military bases in Okinawa as well as Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. Of course, only Okinawa has been mentioned in the national news. Nobody breathes a word about Guam. The government has pledged to protect the island, but an exercise the other day failed to prove that they have the capabilities to do so.

Nobody's perfect: not the US, not our President, not even I, but sometimes people's imperfections just have to make you furious.


I agree with you


He said, Yes we can! I wish the fuck he would!


Made my skin crawl, too, when he hosted state dinner for the president of China, a country notorious for its human rights violations. The Chinese government should be sent packing, not given free hamburgers, but when there's money on the table...

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