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Elementus: Rising Dawn - Gay Guys! <3

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Okay, so I've been reading a very interesting 6 parter book (currently reading the 3rd one) and no the book is not called Elementus: Rising Dawn - I'll come to that in a moment - firs the book has inspired me and given me ideas, along with my memories of X-Men, I have decided to combine the two - leaving out a few things - and make my own 3 parter book all about a character who will have the nickname Elementus for his ability to control the elements - Water, Wind, Fire, Earth - I have already planned the names and I've written out a plan for the first one and I have typed around 24 pages already, the names are:
1st Elementus: Rising Dawn
2nd Elementus: Darkest Hour
3rd Elementus: Setting Sun

Basically each book is set around a meteorite that has crashed to earth and along with it given most people on earth a certain power - the ones without power start to envy those with power and start to call them 'freaks' as the book continues we see Elementus who's real name is Richard come to terms with his new power, we see different sides of him, now before long two sides start to form: The side of good who wants to find a way to bring things back to normal by taking away everyone's power so the tension between the mutants (freaks) and humans goes away , then the dark side who wants the tension to build and cause a war and kill all the humans have a mutant world where everyone has power, now, if you think that's all you're wrong there is also a dark and evil creature who can only be seen by the people with power and it also only attacks the people with power!
Before long in the first book a war breaks out between normals and mutants and Elementus must stop the war, but the only way he can do that is by fighting and winning against Pluto the leader of the dark side - can he win?
Even if he does win, he still needs to find a way to neutralise everyone's power, how can he do that, especially since no-one knows how the meteorite gave them powers!

As the three books continue there are dramatic revelations, tearful moments, heartfelt goodbyes and secrets revealed also we find out what the strange creature is, and more about the powers and what needs to be done to naturalise them.

Yes, it is a bit confusing, if you understood this then thank heavens, I'm finding it difficult to explain for some reason XD


If the books you read are part of a series you haven't finished, you should wait til the end. The premise in the mean time, sounds very interesting and I'd love to see the rest.


The book I'm writing isn't based on the book I'm reading, it just gave me a little bit of inspiration


You got me interested, Richard. A fellow writer. Good luck with your story.

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