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6 guys... - Gay Guys! <3

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I got a problem!
This involves 6 guys! Now before I go on, don't call me a slag cause I have NOT slept with any of them!

Now, I have (somehow) attracted 3 guys, all of whom are totally amazing people, yeah they are good looking and I guess I have feelings for them 3 but, I love them too much as a friend to risk losing them, and I find it difficult to tell them this, I told one and lost him for 2 months and he's only recently come back to me and started talking again, but I don't want to lead them on, they've made it abundantly clear that they like me and want to start a relationship but I really don't want to risk losing them, cause what happens?
Friends &gt Relationship &gt Break up &gt Fake friends &gt Strangers
Don't tell me that doesn't happen cause it ALWAYS does!
With two of them there is a distance problem, they both live in England where as I live in Wales, however, one lives in Camarthenshire which is not too far from me.
I can't risk that and I'm not the best one for turning people down cause I'm too scared of hurting them! So I just say I'm not ready for a relationship, I know it's wrong to lie but I don't want to hurt them!

Now, there are 3 other guys who I like a LOT and would love to start a relationship with them, but a problem, they show no interest in me, all 3 live pretty close.
One live in my town, one lives about 6 miles away and the other lives about 7 - 8 miles - now I'm trying to pick one but I like all 3 a lot and the problem is they don't show any interest back which is a pain.
There was one who I have been talking to quite a lot and he has asked to meet up, but I'm pretty sure as friends, now I admitted how I feel about him and asked him if he's willing to we could try and get to know eachother better and see what happens - he replied saying that he doesn't know what he wants from life atm, but he's happy to meet up with me for a drink and see where it takes us - I respect that and I'm thrilled he still willing to meet up with me knowing how I feel about him, I guess he would be the top one BUT there is one problem, he doesn't seem to talk much anymore...

So basically 3 that want a relationship with me I don't want a relationship with them
And 3 guys that I want a relationship don't seem to want a relationship with me

Is this life? I don't like it..!


I won't give advise, but , if you'd like my opinion, please send a private message and I'll be happy to speak with you. Please give me a chance to help.


Richard when u are not sure of how to act then the best thing to do is do nothing because when a person makes a decision that they are not sure of then it will usually be the wrong one. Love and best wishes fm Eddie x


I have five to chose from. The best one for me, the one I want the most, and the one who wants me the most are all mutually exclusive, and none are geographically viable. C'est la vie.

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