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I am writing sad words so that everyone can see how unhappy I really am. I seem to always be wrong, doing things that I shouldn’t do, in love’s light. I know it’s always my fault, I know I am always to blame. Yes point your finger at me; I am a fool for loving you so strong. Love has knocked me on my ass, one time to many. I am sorry for the way I am, can’t you see I lack maturity. So as an immature girl, I know I need to grow up. If my mother had to see me cry so much, she’d say, “com’on Jillian grow up!” so forgive my behaviour, forgive me, I’m still a little girl at heart, and have always been. I feel so cold and lonely, I am so wet and weak, and you see it is just my immaturity that has driven me to tears. So just let me go, tell me to grow up and act my age, I am sorry it is love that drives me so low…. The rules were made to be bent; I prayed you’d be my friend to the very end. I am sorry for thinking that, can’t you see it is just my immaturity; I am just a silly girl with dreams of foreverness. A love sick child, lost in a crazy spinning world.



You're not unhappy, you just lost something closest to you; and that's what is hurting you right now. You didn't have to do anything wrong, just that you reflected the pain or fear of you not having that particular thing you were in love with. You don't have to blamed for having showed how much you loved someone, yet it was just b/cause the other person wasn't receptive enough of your love. When you love someone SO MUCH, it shows; you don't have to put endless effort to it. Love is a way of life, not just a mere feeling to be carelessly granted. Having faith, that's what makes you grow; not the other way round. Your immaturity is just another sign of weakness showing that you fell for the love you had or gave the person, and they took it for granted; and that, is just as selfish of an act, no matter who started or the impact of the matter.

P.S.: Close your eyes. Take a deep and slow breath. In summary, if your love for that person is true or ever was, let them go & see if they come back. If they do, it means they have forgiven you & still love you as much as you do; and are ready to move on with you. If not, they never were. Just have the person forgive you, and move on.



Indiana is right.

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