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RBS Six Nations - Final weekend! - Gay Guys! <3

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Wales done it guys! Wales beat England.
Wales are STILL the RBS Six Nations Champions!
Italy have had a great tournament with 2 wins and finally beating Ireland for the first time.
France after their disastrous tournament defeat Scotland but still end up bottom of the board meaning they have the depressing Wooden Spoon for the first time!
Basically going to the Wales V England match Wales needed to win by 8 points or more to get the Championship, if we got 7 points it would of depended on tris, if we had less then 7 England would get the Championship, if England won they would have claimed the Grandslam - so Wales needed to win by 8+ points to win the title, 27... Wales won by 27 points which well and truly sealed the victory making Wales retain the title!
The first half was a bit worrying Wales only leading by 6 points, but the 2nd half was all Wales, England could not get past Wales' defence and Wales' attack was just too powerful for the English defence!

The scores were:
Italy 22 - 15 Ireland
Wales 30 - 3 England
France 23 - 16 Scotland

The final board stands like this:
1st Wales
2nd England
3rd Scotland
4th Italy
5th Ireland
6th France

Wales retain the RBS Six Nations Championship the first time they've had back-to-back championships since 1978-79 back-to-back championship win, the first back-to-back championship win I have ever seen!
France take their first ever Wooden Spoon!
It's all over until next year! It's been an amazing tournament!
2014 - what will happen?

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