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Black Tears - Get HAPPY

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I know how you feel my DEAREST friend, I know exactly how you felt. I will visit you soon, and who knows, i may even swim with you in your sea. GOD!!! I miss you my sweet Renee'

Black Tears
By Renee’ Summers

I'm sitting here
Sad and all alone
Crying lonely black tears
No one around to help me
No one, not that I can I see
Just leave me be
To cry my lonely black tears
Don't try to help
Your just to late
I can't escape
My lonely black tears
After all these years
I'm still sitting here
Crying my lonely black tears
One day maybe
They'll stop flowing
The tears will quit flowing
Deep inside
And I will cry no more
Lonely Black Tears


That's nice, Jillian. Thanks for sharing.


I remember reading this poem not too long ago. I really liked it. Beautiful piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing, Jil.


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