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Crushed like ice
Like twenty tons have been thrown on my soul
You spoke those words that emitted through your vocal cords like venom
A snake you were
Looking through my eyes into my core
So delicately
You devised your plan, to kill everything inside me
Skillfully you weaved your web, planted your trap
And with your love decoy blindfolded my logic
All which was open was my trust
Your weapon
You deceived, I believed
Your arms were so warm,
Now the only warmth I feel
Is that of my blood
Spilling from my soul
As my life swings carelessly
Like a pendulum
Back and forth
Higher and higher
But going nowhere
The 5 senses have gone numb
I scream louder and louder
But no one hears me
They speak they call out to help
I cannot hear
Look at me look at the nothingness you have brought onto me
The well hath run dry
As she lay
Crippled from loves fangs
Until nothing remains
But her backbone
she hath eternally forsaken her
Her life has become
Life's lesson to women
Better to have Loved
Then never at all.


I think we have all been through pain like this and it just leaves us wondering why.
I tried to answer this, why do people break up and move on?
Well we are like rivers flowing and changing we can't be held back by anyone or anything.
Sometimes you have to let go of the one you love and when you do, it just leaves a space in your heart.
But that space will want to be filled and you can choose to open your heart again or you can hold on to your memories. If you hold on to the past you'll never open the widow to let loves light in again the memories of your past lover will grow bigger and bigger no one can break down those walls you build. You have to let people in or you will be lonely and lost forever.
I hope you know you are a special person. We live, learn and grow.


Dearest Ola,

when you are gone, I m like "Where do I read nice work again ): ?" Least I should have asked to stay in touch n I can get to read your work again !! And here you are.. again w your delicate words that written such a descriptive poem ..

Ola,remember this.. my dear friend, life is just like opening a present, full of surprises. We not know what will come ahead for us, good n bad we will have to face It, standing w our own 2 feet.. Things changed but there are memories that doesn't change.Transform the memories to those sweet moments n hold on to that. When time passes, you will know you still get to find something special

There is something that glows .. Ola, your heart glows xx


ty my beautiful ladies xxxxxxxx


A man I once trusted completely blindsided me. He told that hehad NEVER loved me, I went numb everywhere and a huge dark sinkhole opened beneath me in my livingroom and as I fell in he told me I had raped him by wanting to have sex with him frequently. It took years to feel anything again.



A relationship is a process of believing, learning, and moving on. If you're unable of doing either of the three, then there's nothing you really looked out for in that relationship. You may have been hurt and left out, you just have to learn from the mistakes and move on; instead of saying, I won't be able to love again. You can, you will, and obviously should be able to love again. You just have to give yourself time to heal first, then move on slow towards what you can look out for in the next possible relationship you would find. From a personal experience, or just what I would say defines me, I've never had any type of friend in my life. Friend in terms of: class friend, close friend, or even best friend. I have TONS of acquaintances or people I just regularly talk to. So, I just that as a lesson that; I may be 'a jack of all, but master of none'; yet, that won't mean I don't know what I'm looking for.

P.S.: Simply put, just be careful on what you're looking for. Because later on, you shouldn't have regretted making the choice.


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