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I know that a lot of people support this organization but I simply can not. Not with the name like "FCKH8" If they would of chose a better name for their organization, I just might support them. Until then I can't because it offends me.

This is their site:



I didn't even know this existed. I just stick to NOH8.
It doesn't offend me, but at the same time, I feel this isn't the kind of message we want to put out.
Same-sex tolerance isn't about offending religious groups and neither is it about rebelling against society/parents/government. Putting a word like "FCK" in a title of one of our campaigns seem contradicting, counterproductive, and borders hypocritical.
However, I wave the freedom of speech flag, and it would be hypocritical of me to sit here and say that it must be changed.


Have to agree w you on that one, Rei


I emailed them at Tyler@FCKH8.com

I sent them this email:

I just want to let you know that the name of your organization "FCKH8" is very offensive. This tells me that your organization will do anything to get your point across without thinking. This is sad. Of course young people will support the organization.... It gives them something to do!

Anyway just letting you know that until the name of your organization changes, I and people who I know will boycott your organization and support a better organization such as "NOH8" instead.

This is what they sent me:

Dear David,
Thank you for your email. Our parent organization is goodideasforgoodcauses. Luke Montgomery has given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to lgbt charities and the community. He has printed and delivered thousands of tee's to school age kids to stop bullying.He built an orphanage in Haiti and stayed there with the children for a few months... So, we are not ashamed to use a bad word for a good cause. You can keep your negativity and we will keep fighting and shouting and cursing until we have equal rights.
take care,

Now if you want: email them and let them know how you feel about their name!


I actually supported them at first because where i live there
is just so much hate here against gays. So i went to the
web site and bought a bunch of their shirts and some buttons.
I spent well over a hundred dollars. The problem though is
i only received one of the shirts and later the buttons. I have
called numerous times and I am either unable to actually
Talk to someone and have to leave a message. I got an email that
said the the order was on back order..that was last september.
I still haven't recieved the shirts or a refund.


Always have to be careful, Jonathan.


Let's just stick to NOH8 until they change. I just ran across one of their posts.
This is really making me nervous, especially since we're looking at Prop 8 and DOMA revision. The Traditional Marriage lobbyist will begin to weed out any bit of dirt they can find on us LBGT members. We need these acts to be repealed.


Koryn Plunket, I've actually emailed FCKH8 at Tyler@FCKH8.com. He pretty much said that they will not consider the actual message they are putting out with that name; there for will not consider changing it. I just feel that it's extremely immature to use such name and uncalled for in a professional business. I will just stick to NOH8 until they reconsider and seeing how immature they are. Like I said before though, I will not support such organization with such name such as FCKH8. That would then be ME supporting immaturity

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