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Ladies just a few questions - Lesbian Ladies

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Okay before I start I'm writing a book and I want to research the mind of my fellow lesbians.

gay rating
what do you like about stud or fem
self rating
perfect partner
how many dated
how long have you been out
parents approval
locating a partner
dating range


What kind of book are you writing? Maybe you could offer up your answers to the questions first to get the ball rolling so to speak.....


Mixed Haiti Guam
Aggressive fem
Respect honesty friend
12 years
My mother sometimes and my father doesn't care
It's hard to find someone who can be respectful that doesn't want me to take care of them or just want sex


I don't mind sharing


age 21
location ct
racemixed black white nd peurto rican
fem/stud fem
gay rating not picky
what do you like about stud or fem studs are sexyy and masculan
self rating 7
perfect partner an artist some one who loves inner beauty and appricates me for me flaws and all
how many dated 4
how long have you been out 2 years
parents approval my parents dont lke it at allll
locating a partner its hard to find some one to like me for meee
dating range 18 -30


My turn I guess lol....

Age = 43
Location = Louisiana
Race = white
Fem/Stud = I have no idea how to answer this so I'll say an emotional stud??
Gay rating = somebody explain this to me...don't know what it is
What do you like about stud or fem = I love all women no matter what "label" or "category" they fall in...just a few of the qualities I love in women are honesty, passion, self-confidence, and loyalty
Self-rating = not very high...currently working on my self-confidence issues
Perfect partner = someone who loves me for me...accepts my flaws and doesn't want to change me...can't get enough of me
How many dated = lost count a long time ago
How long have you been out = 25 years
Parents approval = they still don't approve...even after all these years...but it was my first girlfriend's fault...she abused me and that was my parent's first introduction into this lifestyle. To say it left a bad taste in their mouth would be an understatement.
Locating a partner = I don't have much time to devote to finding someone right now even though I would like to. I work full-time, go to school full-time, and am a full-time mom for two kids. Yes my ex-wife and our two children still live with me...but it works for us, both financially and emotionally for the children.
Dating range = I have only dated younger women, so I am not sure what my range is but I am open to pretty much anyone right now.

Too much information??? hahaha


okay, here I go....
Age - 53
Location - Battle Creek, MI
Race - white
Fem - totally fem! (though I do like Kryston's response! :-)
Gay rating? - hmm, I'm totally out, so I guess that makes me100%
I want my woman to be honest, loyal, and sincere. Don't like head-gamers! Other parts of ourselves will either just fall into place or not - there's no he-she or she-he...
I too lack in the self confidence areas. I do, however, excel in loving with all my heart and being the best mate to my girl! I am everything I expect - honest, loyal and sincere! Plus I am a damn good cook!
My perfect Partner - someone that loves me for me, is always honest with me, misses me like hell when we're apart(!), someone that I know loves me, even without the words.
How many dated? - sweety, I'm 53, I stopped counting a long time ago.
How long out - unfortunately for me, only 16 years!
Parents approval - what family I have, support me 100%, they always knew there was something....
Locating a partner - wow, not the easiest thing to do. I've been lucky though. My woman found me - just to be friends..... now, we're engaged!
Dating range - when I'm "on the market" between 5 years younger/older and hopefully single! :-)



age- 16
location- Louisiana
race- Irish- American
fem/stud-free lancer
gay rating-out to some
what do you like about stud or fem: I like women's bodies, the caring, sensitive type,and I love an opinionated woman who's well educated. Responsible enough to not stress me out, but irresponsible enough to balance out my perfectionism.
self rating- I'm not arrogant, but I am confident, so 7.5
perfect partner- probably a renegade, feminist artist or journalist
how many dated- Considering I'm only 16, I've only really been serious with two girls, but I've dated six girls..
how long have you been out- Five years
parents approval- Not approved...at all.
locating a partner- Schoool, I guess. I'm solo right now.
dating range- Single, sexual, safe, and of my maturity range (which differs in age from person to person).


age: 20
location: Upstate New York
race: Puerto Rican & Native American
fem/stud: mixed
gay rating: not sure what you mean lol
what do you like about stud or fem: I go for either or depending on the girl. Either way I love their personality, honesty, respectful, has a good head on their shoulders, and knows what they want in life.
self rating: hm...on a good day 8 or 9 lol
perfect partner: No one is perfect, but just someone real, where our personalities click, enjoy the same things, and someone who can be themself reguardless of what others think.
how many dated: I have long relationships so 3
how long have you been out: I been out since I was like 13 fully out at like 16
parents approval: They accept it
locating a partner: I found my girl on here actually


My turn my turn....
Age 53
Location A small town named Winlock, Wa
Race white
fem/stud..androgynous so mixed
Gay rating? Not sure how that means.
Like abt stud/fem I'm not comfortable with extremes
So she would have to be closer to a balance of both.
Self rating Not sure how to answer that one either. It looks as though the author wants a rating between 1 & 10 I will throw out an 8 I guess.
Perfect partner...someone I can laugh and cry with, my bff, we enhance each other. We are better with each other than ever was without. Oh well, sounds like a fairy-tale at this point.
Dated I have never just dated, about 4 somewhat serious but not real serious relationships.
Been out about 23 years
Dad...didnt know or wenever discussed it.
Mother...told me it was about time I figured it out. Shes always figured I would enjoy being with a woman more than I would a man. Though personally, personality-wise I haven't found a tremendous difference. Just guess I havent found that woman my mother wants for me.
Locating a partner found them online
Dating range 45 - 60 about....

Ok hope that helps.

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