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14th Of February = Valentine's Day - Your WRITES

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So how shall I start w this? Thinking n wondering (lol) Is there anyone out there dislike this day? Perhaps m not saying all though lol Some of us, who are single really hated this day n so when they see couples, most girls holding on to bouquets of flower.. Why? Do you ever ask why has It gotta be this day n you start buying flowers? (LOL)

How do you celebrate yours? Lemme share a few romantic ways but I really do find It funny (haha) Why? Well you will have to read on to find out lol ..

1. Booking the whole cinema gold class theatre.
Romantic : Of course you get to have this whole theatre hall to yourself as well as your other half. If you're watching a romantic movie, sure.. You can even make love in there n no one will take a peek unless the server came in w the food you ordered (lol) ..

Funny: Each ticket to Gold Class Hall costs at least $30++ . About 30 seats, or lets say It probably able to fit 20 to 30 couples? Depends how big that hall is. That means a total sum you spent wow lol holy goddess - $1500 to $2000 or $3000. Ends up the funniest part the movie hall that he booked was playing Iron Man. The only romance part of the movie probably when Gwyneth Paltrow n Robert Downey short kissing part (lol) ..

2. A momentary ring w engraving words:
Romantic: "My one n only wife" the words engraved on the ring. "Be My Valentine Forever" or simple words like "I Love You" "Happy Valentine's Day". You can engrave any words you'd want to for your other half. So most of the men do that. And the ring is a symbol, a compromise to most women, also a ring kinda represents eternal love.

Funny: A man bought a ring for his wife. So he went home w the ring n surprise the wife. When she looks at the ring happily, guess what? That foolish man had he n his mistress names mixed up. Oh.. I hear laughter lol Don't laugh .. Okay go ahead n laugh but It does happen (lol)

3. A bouquet of flowers:
Romantic: Idk. I personally never like flowers (lol) So when I receive flowers from guys (Ikr - they do not know I m lesbian of course lol), sorry, but It ends up either in the trash or I give It to the office cleaner Auntie who keeps telling me how pretty the flowers are so I just said "There you go, Auntie" Of course, the guy turns around. Obviously he has just been rejected. Actually there are still many girls like flowers but they never like one, two or three (lol) A bouquet .. Okay? You only give one stalk when you're dancing If you know what dance m talking about :P

Funny: This husband, he is just hoping n waiting for this day. So he went to the florist to get a bouquet of roses for his wife. His wife is then preparing dinner in the kitchen. So he moves closer n wanted to surprise his wife. The wife turns around n asked "What the hell are you standing there? Gimme a hand will you? Can you see me busy cooking, can't you?" She sees that bouquet of flowers that her husband was holding, she raises her voice before the husband can say anything romantic -lol .. Poor guy. Here's the respond from the wife..

"Why are you buying me a bouquet of flowers?" asks the wife

"Honey, It is Valentine's Day" the husband says.

"You know what? Do you think you'd wanna have that bouquet of flowers for dinner instead? Here I am, busy cooking n I m buying all the grocery, w the bits of your wages, n there you are, you bought a bouquet of flowers. Why can't you buy maybe a bag of broccoli / cauliflower? What are you thinking exactly? You know what I mean? How do I cook w that roses?"

O_O" !!!

PS: What a wife huh? That poor fella (lol) But when he shoves the ring to the wife, he thought the wife would be happy, ends up he got another lecture for splurging money.

OKay, I have shared w you 3 romantic ways. There are other ways around ways n why do you have to wait til this day? Everyday can be a Valentine Day If you want It to. Love her/him every minute of your life n time of course. If you're not single, lucky you lol .. Make her a card, or play her a song, do something special that she has never experience in her life. Make It memorable. Fulfill one of her wish. You don't really have to book the whole restaurant/theatre hall .. Do something that's worth n show her how much she's worth in your life. I know most people are wealthy enough to do that, like you know celebrities. I m not saying you can't do that but I m just saying, It doesn't mean you will have to spent so much. Just like booking that theatre hall (lol) If I m really wealthy, I will fulfill one of the wish for her everyday If I can. Or yes maybe the girl wished she can own the whole theatre to herself. But you forgot you can buy her one If you really love her so (lol) Or If she loves singing, buy her a studio. If she loves to travel, give her a cheque w no amount written on It haha ..
But lets talk about the simplest way:
Get up before she does. Bring breakfast to her bed. Oh let her stay in the bed. Get ready a small bucket w her toothbrush, tell her "Babe, just stay in the bed" Treat her like a princess. She deserves everything best when she is w you. After she rinses her mouth, the towel is already on your hand ready to pass to her. Then tell her "Babe, don't get up, I have something for you" Then blindfold her eyes. Move fast n steady, your breakfast w those heartshapes food that you prepared. Heyyy.. lol .. You have to remove her blindfold lol .. I know you're hungree too (Okay this is a joke lol) Anyhow, remove her blindfold..Trust me- when she sees the food that you make, the shapes are all moulded in heart-shapes. Ask me how? lol - Google It you will see some cute Bento ..

Tell her the words you been meaning to say to her. If she is your gf, propose to her this special day.Make plans. I have seen a few family members date of births are the same, that moment like this, you share the same special day w your parents / siblings ..That means It makes that day even special. There is also a saying "Nothing lasts forever" These are words. But you can make a difference to make things lasts. Yes people change, but memories lasts.

Well my Valentine's? Lol .. I can't recall If I have ever spent w any of my ex gf(s) though (lol) But every year of this day, I'd always celebrate w my friends. Friends n family are the ones who stand by you when you needed someone, when you're hurt, when you have a heated argument w your other half. So If you're single, your friends too, meet up for a gathering. With your close friends or as close like sisters, who says you're all by yourself? So don't forget to tell your friends how much you love 'em

Every year, m celebrating w my work instead lol ..

Happy Valentine's Day to all the darlings in Gays com
Much Love,
Ella xoxo


last valentines my wife surprised me,came home from work to see a note on the living room door telling me not to peek and to head straight to the bedroom instead,she'd run us a bath which we shared then she gave me a massage with scented oils,we then went into the living room where a picnic was waiting ,complete with plastic plates,knive an forks,plastic wine glasses,my fav cd on and finally her for dessert BEST VALENTINES EVER lol


Aww Anna ... That's so sweet ^____^ Happy Valentine's Day to you n your wife.

Thanks for reading
Much Love,
Ella xx


Thanks for a smile on a holiday I hate!

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