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To And From My Beating Heart - Poetry Group

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Alone in this room without a light,
I can't escape so I will not try,
there's nothing in me willing to fight,
My only thought is in asking "why?"

You seem to think that I am weak,
that is why I am in this place,
but I will never admit defeat,
I'm the one you cannot replace.

I can't hold on I'm starting to slip,
Why can't I go and leave you behind?
Hear my plea and just release your grip,
There is nothing here for you to find.

Try as you might you won't forget,
so long as I am meant to live,
there is hope don't give up just yet,
Take this love and start to forgive.

But I am unworthy to receive,
I obviously don't deserve you,
it was I who I tried to deceive,
now please tell me what should I do?

Take these emotions and learn to feel,
build up the strength and open the door,
once I am inside your wounds will heal,
and here i'll remain forever more.

You fought to stay where you belong,
now I have found my missing part,
you were always with me all along,
for I cannot live without my heart.


wow i loved this




You have a very srtong talent.

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