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University here I come! - Gay Guys! <3

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Well I've been accepted to University!
Swansea Metropolitan University has accepted me and I will be going there to study in September!
So excited!
I'm studying Educational Studies & PGCE which will be 3 years in total!
I'm happy to go because it'll keep me busy and keep my mind off my personal trouble (love eh' lol) so this will be something to boost my confidence and also keep on track for my career of becoming a Primary Teacher, this is my last obstacle, finish this and it'll all be done, it'll be off to work.
So University here I come!
Keep me busy and I'll be happy!
Come September guys, I may not be on here much!


That is good to hear Richard, I know you will excel in your studies. Good luck my dear friend!


Richard... so happy for you and I know you will do great with educational studies but for us guys over here on the other side of the pond,,, what is PGCE? You never know what kind of new ' love ' will be sitting next to you in a new class room.
Enjoy your three years, I know they were some of my best young fun and happy times. Happy Happy for you and all my best !!!! Jerry in California


Richard, that's fantastic news. I am truly, truly pleased and so happy for you.

I think you will be a fantastic teacher and I am sure you will be much loved and greatly respected by the young ones that you will teach and educate in their early years. Primary schools so much need male teachers with your love of life, energy and enthusiasm. You will be a brilliant role model for them, I'm sure.

Really, really well done! David.


Thank you all!
Jerry, a PGCE is something you must have to become a Teacher of any kind, teaching primary, secondary, College or Uni, teaching music, karate, judo, kick boxing, football, rugby, any type of teaching that will involve teaching anyone under the age of 18 you must have a PGCE by law




Vary,vary,well done, Richard ............


I am so very happy for you Chud. And I knw you will do well...

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