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Let me open with one I just wrote. It is about this god-like college student who I adored and we became very good friend(ONLY friends) He left to go the NYC to get his DR in math. He was always in my thoughts. Not sexual but sensual:

When I see you with nothing on-
I feel so safe,
I feel I belong

When you look into my mind's eye-
I feel like I will never die

When you touch me-
I feel nothing
I want to feel something,
That's not in my mind's eye

I real want to see you
I may just need to feel you-
Just, one, last, time, (again)

I will love you 'til I die
Even if it's only in my mind's eye.

What do you guys think?????

I own this. Please do not re-use this. TM alexanderG.


Excellent and expressive, welcome aboard!


Vary vary,good,............. i can identify .......

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