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(S)(T)(A)(Y) (H)(A)(P)(P)(Y) - Your WRITES

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(S)inging - Most people spent so much time in the shower. And you totally forgot that you can actually perform in there when you're showering (lol). Starts singing. Even If people tell you, you sing badly or wanted you to keep your volume down, keeps singing n do not stop. You will find the joy singing in the shower. Get the water head that is running w water, use that as your microphone haha .. Sing It all out .. And you will realise, singing is better than talking (lol).

(T)ry - You're walking in the malls, looking for a place to have dinner w your friends. So you come to this restaurant, n then you saw It has the longest queue, to compare w other restaurants. So join the queue. When you finally get to sit in w your friends(of course), so you all start to place your order. Service from the staffs even If It turns out to be a bit disappointment, try putting yourself in her(the waitress) shoes. Try talking to her nicely even If she is not so friendly, keep trying. So your food's served, but they placed the wrong order.. What do you do? "No .. Excuse Me, I certainly did not order this. I asked for a Sirloin Steak not Salmon." Heyyy.. Try to observe the atmosphere of the dining. Are you the only table? The whole restaurant is full-house n there are still queue at the entrance. Be nice. Tell the waitress she has placed the wrong order, but do not try ask her to bring back to the kitchen. I will tell you why. You already waited just to have a dinner w your friends. So try another dish that is served by mistake. You will see a grateful smile from the waitress who felt really bad for placing the wrong order. If things are different, you make a big deal about It, the time is wasted so is the food. So try to be patient. You will make a difference for that waitress. It is never easy to be in Food & Beverage industry, my darlings. I know It is their job but certainly you make her day(job) easy today, someday others will make your day easier. B/c life is a cycle. (:

(A)ppreciate - Many people take things for granted. Take all the time you need, to appreciate people, appreciate your friends, appreciate things even the least or smallest things. Take time to appreciate nature. Appreciate everything you have now. It is now that matters.

(Y)ou - Decisions lie within you. Whether you wanna choose to be happy or you wanna be grumpy? You sometimes think you're lost n you call your friends n wanted an answer, but sometimes you realized you are not looking for an answer, you just wanted someone to listen. So If you start to make a change. You do not even really ask for an answer, b/c the answer lies within you. And you may not know. It is still you to make decisions n choices. You can ask for advice, or help, like you do not know whether to do or not to do, n people start to tell you what to do, where's your own? You start listening to stories which is not true about your friends instead of using your own heart to feel. How are you going to be happy? If you even lost your own self? Think about It ^^ The answers are in your heart.

(H)ealthy - Health is wealth. To stay happy, you will have to let your worries go. By having enough sleep, enough rest. Good health is everything. Healthier health comes creativity, ability n hope. Also good attitude.

(A)cceptance - Forget about labels. Or how big or small your friend is. Accept your friends' flaws. Accept things that has already happened. Whether she is Bi/Straight/Lesbian/Gay/, doesn't matter If she is tall or short, slim or bubbly, every each of us are unique. People are not perfect, Accept each others' flaws. Sometimes It turns out to be a surprise when you accept n learn from acceptance.

(P)ositivity - When your thoughts are positive, darlings, all the good things will come your way. Negativity will not take you to anywhere. And when the good things coming along your way, your 2 hands will have to try grab 'em tight Lol .. Don't miss out things... Keep grabbing on .... (hahaha)

(P)hotography - Take any pictures you see ( not telling you to be a perv -lol ) Hey, don't ever try taking pictures of people sleeping (lol- It is not polite to do that :')) Look at the sky, the sea, the scenery, everything except people .. Some or most people are sensitive. When they see anyone taking pictures, they run away instantly XD lol .. If you're taking mine, please do pay for the copyright lol .. I m definitely just joking. Taking pictures of your friends, your family, the fav food you love, n artist or even n artpiece of work, will make you feel a sense of contentment b/c the pictures that you took, so beautiful that makes you look like a professional photographer Oh .. I love to snap pictures n sorry If I snap you while you're sleeping (lol) I will not put It up on FB hahahahhahaa .. (Just joking)

(Y)esterdays - It is today n now that matter most. Yesterday is past. What's past is past. If you only dwell into past, all you gonna miss is NOW n TODAY. These are a few steps that you can follow me .. to .. (S)(T)(A)(Y) (H)(A)(P)(P)(Y). Don't dwell into past or you will so gonna miss out all the good happenings n happiness in your life now. And life is really so beautiful. Everyday is full of surprises for you to explore.

Written By Ella


I love your positive and understanding attitude toward life!


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