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There once was a lonely heart,
which hung by the end of a rope,
although his world was torn apart,
he held on by the smallest hope.

Walking through the endless pain,
another heart comes along his way,
feeling a sensation he can't explain,
he could not find what words to say.

They walk together into the unknown,
taking a small glance at each other,
comfort grows knowing they're not alone,
enjoying the company of one another.

The pain inside was soon replaced,
the hope inside them shines brighter,
a lost feeling they've now embraced,
has made life's burdens become lighter.

Days go by and their feelings are stronger,
moving closer and closer towards love,
the two lonely hearts are alone no longer,
their long lasting love a blessing from above.

Seperated by one's death they mourn,
yet love guards them from further pain,
for in the next life they'll be reborn,
to find and love each other once again.


Beautiful imagery


thank you...i think so to...this is my 1st love poem...so i think i did quite well...^_^

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