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This is not a poem
By Jillian

I was called by a doctor friend of mine, who asked me to try help a little (14) girl who was knock down by a hit and run driver a few months ago. The girl who had broken legs and a smashed forearm was lying in hospital for three months now. She also broke her C3 and C4 in her neck. But very luckily she had had not had her spine severed, so she still has movement in her lower limbs. The poor girl was in so much pain, so she refuses to move.
On calling on her I firstly spent about an hour telling her I was here not to cause her more pain, but to try my best to help her. Using physiotherapy was the only way that we could get her up and about.
I started by slowly working on her legs, and she kept flinching with pain as I gently applied pressure to her muscles. She began to cry, so I cried with her, her seeing my tears seemed to settle her down, she asked me, “why are you crying?” I replied “seeing your tears breaks my heart, and all I wanna do is help you.” Well after that she allowed me to treat her and although she was in such pain she was truly a brave little girl.
After spending three hours with this girl, she braved a smile and said, “Thank you Jillian.” Well I had to quickly get out of there, as the tears streamed down my face. I thought to myself on the way to my next appointment, we are so quickly to cry about our foolish little lives, when there are so many others that have it a hell-of-a lot worse than we do….


That is a powerful story of courage, and caring.

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