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My Cold and Empty bed - Poetry Group

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This poem was written by my dearest lost friend Renee’ who sadly passed away, But her words are so true to me now, for I am alone, and I am feeling so lost, so in no-man’s land. The darkness has pieced my soul and left me hurting, bleeding and so fucked up. My bed will for ever stay empty right now it seems. All the dreams and plans I was making have all burnt up and the smoke blinds my eyes. Or is it the tears I cry, I lay in my bed alone and just weep uncontrollably, for my loneliness is my own doing.

My Cold and Empty bed
By Renee’ Summers

My bed is empty to-nite
The sheets are cold
A frozen wind blows through my room tonite
Chilled by the wind from the open window
My heart is empty and void
I stand and stare out the window
Watching the stars twinkling
And I feel pale in the bright moonlight

I remember when
My room was filled with the strange scent
The sweet aroma of blossoms
So sweet and so you
I remember when
You swayed in the moon's radiant light

Suddenly my heart would go tap, tap
Against the walls of my chest
I get a warm feeling
And I smile
I turn at look at my bed
Hoping to see you lying there
But it’s empty
And my sheets are cold

I remember when
Seeing you there
Would make me smile
I remember when
You would ignite my soul
With your sensual passion
I remember when
My body would tremble
At your gentle touch
Red and trembling with blood
My heart's blood for your taking
You filled my mouth with love
And left a sweet taste in my soul

Your words dropped into my heart
Like pebbles into a pool
Rippling around my breast
Leaving me melted on the floor
Your kisses fell sharp on my flesh
Like dawn-dews from heaven

Your love for me
Was like soft rain
Christened sunshine
And as fragile as a rare golden lace
Your breath so sweet-scented and warm
It kindled my tranquil face

I blink my eyes
And suddenly I feel the cold breeze
I feel the silence
I can’t smell your sweet aroma
My heart beats slows
Now I feel a deep pain
Burning in my heart
I look at my bed
All I see
Are the cold sheets
And an empty bed

My vision gets blurred
By the storm of tears flowing from my eyes
I kneel on the floor
Beside the cold and empty bed
And throw my arms on to the bed
I am feeling for you
Seeking that lost warmth
I realize you are not there
All that is left
Is the cold empty bed

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