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Tears in the snow
By Jillian

I walked in the snow filled streets
Looking for something
But there was nothing to find but the cold
Heartache, self-inflicted pain
Found myself sitting on a bench in the park
The snow melted on my hair
I looked up
But my vision was blurred
Blurred from the tears I cried

As the tears settled on my jacket
They began to form little icicles
Then the tears on my face also began to freeze
In the cold sweeping wind
Putting my hands to my face
I felt icicles hard and cold
Just like my heart was feeling
Hard, insensitive and freezing cold

Brushing off the snow
My hands wanted to grab my throat
And wanted to throttle the lying pain out of my body
Could I ever stop loving her?
Could I ever forgive myself?
Should I hurt myself?
That will just hurt her some more

Should I be alone?
Should I face each day trying to be a better person?
Should I ask her forgiveness?
Should I suffer alone in my own pain and misery?
Should I be alone?

So as these tears fall
Like soft snow flakes in the cold
So shall my heart freeze
Like the icicles on my face
I do love thee
I am so sorry
I will always love you


Very moving jillian like it a lot hope its not your life to say yes to being alone takes control until one knows nothing else but even ghosts or shadows in the darkness come into the light occasionsly,well written jillian.


Thank you dear Ailean, the words i wrote down in this poem are so true, i am hurting so, so being alone is my plight right now....


Come in from the cold
Come let my love warm you
As if I could ever stay a mad you
I was so worried about you
I know I can't be there
And you can't be here now
But it's you I love
I'll wait for you
You know I will
Stop trying to impress me
Just be yourself
That's who I fell in love with
That snappy bitch
Who cares
She loves so deeply
And that's who I want to love me
That hard headed woman
Who's walls are build so high
No one can climb over them
You have to smash right on through
When you take the time to get to know Jillian
You can't help but fall in love
What else could I do.
When you love someone with passion like fire
Sometimes you get a little burnt
But you hold my hearts desire
And who else would put up with me
Being so greedy and needy
Always wanting more
Come back inside and lock the door
Stay out of the cold


Beautiful, I've had icicles in my hair as well.


Both are vary,vary, nice .......

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