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Each time when you write something, all you wanted to do, is to post n share. A true artist only write things that is within the heart. It is also the same If you like someone, you love someone, you like/love that person within your heart.

I m Ella. And I m not a .... well ... perhaps I might not be n educated, or say, not that educated to be a writer. But this has always been my passion. All I know when I started to write, I really wanted so much, millions much to publish my work. Do I look like I'd wanna sell my work? All I ever wanted to publish is just to share about my feelings when I m writing. And I thought every writers think the same as I do. Maybe I was wrong again w my hunches?

So, when I write, I started w song lyrics. Being so madly on love, I m sure everyone has shared the same craziness? (lol) So when I saw this amazing group created by Aubrie, she named the group "Born To Be A Writer". I was so ecstatic to wanna quickly post whatever I wrote. So I did. And b/c of that I was also grateful n waited for a chance just wanna say Thank You to Aubrie. So when I kinda "saw" her on the chat (back then, Gays com still using the old chat system), I just wanted to Thank her "personally" for giving someone like me an opportunity to ........ to post my stuffs in the group.

Later, I get to know a few more writers n I m always so eager to wait for their upcoming poems or any writings just hoping I could learn how to write like 'em. One of the writer that I came to know is Carol Wheeler. She is like a mentor friend, she encourages me to write more n never give up n I remember the 1st time I know her, we were saying Hi to each other (lol) Most of you could have already know who she is. (haha) Since she is popular, n she is always so willing to reach out her hand for everyone, anyone.

Anyhow, I m happy that she sent me a poem n I m completely touched so I write to her back, for the 1st time I attempted writing poem. Carol encouraged me to try writing poems n I laughed n said "Oh well, you write so much better than mine ..... " Of course .. If y'all have yet read her work, DO IT !! Lol .. What are you sitting here looking at the screen for? (I m just kidding - lol)

That is how from a songwriter to occasionally post some poems, I really love to write n then when Calvin Holbrook wanted to publish a few I wrote on the blog, OMG !! I m truly feeling millions thankful. If you're interested, the links are provided to share w everyone, It is in my profile page.

You might think you'd wanna impress somebody, your friends or maybe the one that you like, you wanted much to tell her you wrote this for her, but please, do not try to do that If the writings weren't written by you. That way, you can even try join the paparazzi (lol) .. They always wrote stuffs that wasn't 100% true about celebrities. The only time I got to come here is when I really wanted much to write something to post n to share. Not just that, I spent another 2 hours just to read every post any members who took efforts to write.

Having been writing for so long, going through some hard times myself, experienced things I have never have doubts before, sometimes I m still trying to figure It all out, why would someone lie? Or not being honest? Is that b/c you think this is just a social network? Who cares? Excuse me? If that's what you really really think It is just a social network, why so serious?

Where was I ??? Suddenly a phone call came in at about 130 am? (lol) Oh I was saying even If this is a social network, even If you cannot see that person you're talking to, who are you to think that she is playing along w your game? Unless you're telling me, a social network w animals typing n interacting w you :') .. I m not trying to be sarcastic or telling you what is right or what is wrong .. B/c I know no one is perfect, people make mistakes. But things change, people grow. If you go on w a life like that, find your own cilque to play w. Don't do that to someone who truly take her whole heart to make an effort to make things work. You are not her n she is not you. Each of us are unique.

People have feelings. Friendship n love even relationships are fragile. Cherish the person who treat you right/well. I write to share not to sell my talents. Besides I don't really think I m talented but times I just love to say, "I m born to be a writer" And I m .......... I really do have a passion in writing n also still learning in my life journey. Btw, I really dislike gossips (lol) .. If I hear gossips, the only place you will see me, miles away from gossips (lol) ..

Written by Ella


Hi Ella,

I love your work because it is from the heart, passionate and real. We all enjoy writers we admire telling us theyenjoy our work, it is flattering to know another artist thinks well of your work.

Do not worry about not being educated as a writer. No offense to those with degrees in Lit and Writing but there is a whole school of writing that comes from a world without degrees and training. I am such an undereducated writer myownself. I left highschool after 10th grade to work two part time jobs to afford an apartment and a junker car to become a responsible parent. I was never a good student anyways. I was a drop out for years before my mother's nagging sent me to night schooltoearn a diploma. Eventually I started taking college courses just to see if I could handle them. I finally, after 20 odd years, earned an associate's degree in Human Services.

The English teachers asked me to take extra courses to be in their classes since my writing fascinated them since I was unlettered. I was a student who had spoken another language that learned English as a second language with little formal education who they said wrote like Whitman. In school I had no time for extras and needed my degree asap to support myself. I did enter the undergrad scholarly work presentations and was invited by a juried conference to perform my unlettered work at a statewide presentation of scholarly works.

I write in the way of unlettered writers, Urban Grit as I tell the story of an america foreigners never see in the media, the meanstreets of immigration, poverty, racial mixture, linguistic oppression, second class citizenship in a supposedly classless society. I write of people caught up in the battle of survival, not victory, of the oppressions of the oligarchal hierarchy in our supposedly classless society. My world of hunger, slums, drugs, crime and political shenanigans used to keep us in our place in our free society, not the america of imported movies and series. We aint all living in Dallas, 90123, Dynasty, everybody here is rolling in money. Our streets are not paved with gold. I witness our struggles as an underclass and tell our stories.

Sorry, I get passionate about all of this. I also get all ghetto when I talk about it, head bobbing, attitude dancing and defiant in my fight to even up the playing field that is so very slanted. Things that Hollywood and literature often ignore, as well as congress lately.

Educated or not, you write very well cuz it is your passion. You don't need form cuz you have substance! Tell the world your life and know that you, like many writers, are teaching truths, which can be very subjective. You have the talent and the passion and I love reading your work when I have time to catch up on the backlog. Prosper my dear young lady!


i agree with you on gossip i just hate it and won't waist my time with it as to writing
without being educated in writing, I wouldn't worry about that some of the best writers in history were not educated as writers I am not educated as a writer but it is in my heart and soul to write I love it. always write from your heart and welcome to our group 8-)


Well thank you Mr Mark Cutler.

@Tristram, thank you. I m so speechless after I read what you post here. I left high school too, to pursue a course that Idk why I sign up for (lol) I studied Japanese n a few more languages. But I m now so busy w work :') So sometimes I get on here to post my writings n also a way I guess to "talk" to someone/people haha .. I wrote this for a friend. I was kinda upset to know that someone is doing that to her. Things that she wrote, my friend doesn't even know where they come from. Hopefully It was from the heart (those words), even If that was not written by her. However that doesn't mean I stop reading that person's work. I still do n I don't take sides but hope to share a point of view. Just sharing. Once again, Thank You Tristram. Thank You for sharing w me/us, more about you too. xx

@Paul : Precisely. I always avoid gossips even in the office (lol) I will just plug in my earpiece n rather enjoy music than having to hear gossips that cover up w 98% of crap (lol) .. I guess we all here share the same passion in writings n that is why we're all typing here (: to discuss n share n It is always something I look forward to, reading more xx

Thank You All,


I have to be honest I never felt like I was a born to be a writer. You could just ask my English teachers at school as I would just scrape by with a pass and then I dropped out of school because I knew I just didn't have it in me.
I don't read well and my spelling was terrible I'm loving spell check these days.
Anyone who knows me I'm am crappy when it comes to typing texts on my phone oh my mobile, where is it? And oh it's needs to be charged up again? But I haven't even used it.
Anyway a few years ago I met a beautiful poet everyone adore the way she wrote.
I just liked her the writing went straight over my head. I just didn't get it.
I wrote something else when I was really sick so ok confession time.
I was spending a lot of time at the hospital I had to have blood tests then wait about an hour or so to see the doctor. So what to do in that time? Well sure go get a coffee and something to eat. The walls were all pale and the place was very bleak the sort of place you would o anything to escape from if you could.
The way I would escape was writing. I wrote lesbian erotic stories.
One time a nurse almost caught me she thought it was my list of side effects lol.
I went bright red.
So my point is I'm not sure if anyone is born to write that's why I changed the name of the group.
I just wanted people to feel free to write what they wanted to.
Share feeling and thoughts with others.
I always feel just write from your heart and just be yourself because you are the best you can be.


@Carol, We were born to tell stories, to make words dance on paper, to paint the backgrouds of our characters. I hated grammar and spelling, that's what editors are for. My English teachers were horrified as I spoke street in school, when I was first enrolled I had a horrid, thick accent they made fun of, and allowed the other children to insult me for having an accent. But when I wrote, there was something there, not "correct" but something and most teachers ignored it, made me despond what I wrote and said, and tried to read aloud in English. Others, they saw something else cuz they cared, and nutured me. The book reports I did were considered horrible cuz the only thing I liked to read were Agatha Christie murder mysteries, so I was called lurid, spooky and sent to see the school psychiatrist, yet again!

Writing and language evolve, leaving the guardians of grammar and spelling rules in tar pits as evolution shoots past them into new forms of expression. Writing is about telling a good story in a comprehensible manner that angages the reader, not grammar and spelling, that's what editors are for.

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