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so i'm still seeing this guy...& things are hitting off...but for me that's a bit of a problem...again this guy has a bf already & he's seeing me on the side...honestly my heart tells me on the right path...but my instincts & thoughts are telling me that i'm prolonging the inevitable...my hope for ending up in a monogamous relationship might not happen & with that my dreams of having a husband might not come true when it comes to this person...i know it's kinda selfish of me to expecr this person to change...but i'm so stuck in monogamous ways...& it's like when i fall in love i give off such an intesity that it feels so magical...& i just want that same person to be the same...i'm so used to being the only love...& now i find with a person who i have to share with another...& at some point he expects me to meet the bf & coexist...& that's gonna be my ultimate problem...the only way i see myself backing out is if i don't end up getting married...cuz my one & only dream is to have a husband & kids...

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