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What is happiness anyway?? - Get HAPPY

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What is happiness anyway??

It’s a bit weird that I know I want to be happier but I’m not exactly sure what constitutes real happiness. I have been looking through blogs It’s like reading people’s diaries and not that I would and there are so many mentions of ‘happiness’. I have read blogs which state the importance of family to happiness. I feel like saying to them “Have you met mine?!” In quite a few blogs people talked about the happiness that hobbies gave them, everything from cooking to cars. For others it seems happiness will come at the loss of something. Some people have said they will be happy when they lose weight, get rid of a mental illness or even get out of a bad relationship.

Are we chasing our tails here? When you bake that cake or buy that car how long will you feel happy for? Or if you lose weight will you actually become happier really? It feels that happiness seems to come in small parts and is fleeting. I’m not sure we could handle being happy all of the time and besides if we weren’t a bit down now and then how could we ever know happiness as there wouldn’t be a comparison.

I’m not looking to be happy 100% of the time because I think that is unrealistic. I think though that increasing the amount of things we do that could make us happy affects our brains and could make us more open to being positive in the future. I really believe that. I have an analogy for negative thought patterns and the way the brain hold onto them. If something bad happens to us it’s like a sledge making an imprint down a hill. It is much easier to go down the path already carved out and so we keep going down the same imprinted path we made in the snow. Perhaps forcing myself to do things that will just even make me laugh for a moment or get into patterns that are good for me and will make me happier over all eventually will be like me lifting up my sledge and creating a new path.


. I believe happiness is important, but I also know that some of my fondest memories are from times when I felt like absolute shit. A full life contains sorrow and fear and anger and uncertainty, and when we feel these things, we shouldn't assume that either feminism or we ourselves have failed.


heeheehee, no one reads my shit anyway so i'll answer myself... heeheeheehee, is that a sign of MADNESS?????


We tend to spend too much of our time worrying about the existence, non-existence or quality of a principle relationship. Probably the MOST important key to personal happiness is to have a small number of real friends. It is thought that at least one and possibly up to four or five makes a marvellous basis for our happiness and feeling of wellbeing.

And from this basis of wellbeing and feeling of some level of confidence of 'who I am' and 'what I am looking for' we are so much better able to explore and enjoy the other aspects of life from which we can hopefully achieve further fulfilment and happiness.

True friends are Number One for me.


Very insightful, totally agree


True happiness,only come from
within you. ......

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