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What Is Good & What Is Bad According To God? - The Gay Christian Network

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I get into humble angruments with friends about Chrstianity when ever brought up. I mentioned that in the Bible it states that homosexuality is genetic; but at the same time it states that it's abomination in God's eye. My argment is that how can homosexuality be abomination in God's eyes when the Bible is admitting that homosexuality is genetic? That to mean does not make sense! So I tell them that homosexuality being abomination is written in the Bible by man! My friends tell me that it is true that there were a lot of things that were written in the Bible by man; but that has all taken out for what they tell me. I tell them that not all has been taken out if there are any words that state God dislikes anybody.

My point is this. How can God consider anybody abomination by their genetics? My friends tell me that it's the work of the devil. I ask them this one question... I do you know it the work of the devil of homosexuality being genetic?

Now with me personally I'm bisexual. There's nothing in the Bible that speeks anything of bisexuality though. I'm concerned because my parents tought me that God loves you no matter what!

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